Top 10 Cooking and Recipe Apps

There is no denying how much food is central to our lives. Whether you’re making solo desserts, cooking for your family, or preparing for a party, planning and skill is the key every sumptuous meal. To help you out on your next food adventure, we have listed down the Top 10 Cooking and Recipes apps that might just add a little bit more magic to your kitchen.

Big Oven

Big Oven works both as a recipe book and a meal planner. With more than 250,000 recipes, you’ll never run out of fresh-from-the-oven ideas. You can easily assign recipes for each day at the beginning of the week, dragging them around or deleting them as things come up, and the app supplies a grocery list of everything you need.

Food Network in the Kitchen

If you love the channel, then there’s no reason as to why you won’t love this. Food Network in the Kitchen brings all your favorite chefs from your TV to your smartphone. You don’t have to worry about missing an episode on baked chicken! There are thousands of recipes and photos that you can sift through by chef, course, food type, and other options. What’s so great about this app is you can use the unit converter to figure out volume or weight, or simply revel in the app’s multiple timers for multi-dish meals.

Perfect Produce

Throw none of that produce away and save up on ingredients with Perfect Produce. The app is set up alphabetically, outlining useful information about common fruits or vegetables you might possess in your fridge. The app includes everything from nutrition facts and recipes, to storage information and the best method for selecting particular fruits in the store. You can even look up which veggies or fruits containing desired nutrients and components vital for good health.

Paprika Recipe Manager

Paprika is a recipe hub for your smartphone or tablet where you can upload personal recipes or search the web for specific recipes to clip and save within the app. It also allows easy look up for necessary ingredients at the grocery store.


Named after Auguste Escoffier, a famous French chef who worked at the renowned Savoy Grill in London, this app features multiple kitchen timers and measurement converters among others. Escoffier is designed to teach you the master chef’s basics, allowing you to learn the ins and outs of cooking like a pro.

All The Cooks

If you don’t mind the influx of social media notifications, All the Cooks is the app for you. This app creates a virtual place to exchange recipes with friends, family, and strangers. You can upload a recipe with a picture of the finished product and get into a discussion with other users. You’ll be glad with comments that range from potential substitutions for food allergies, to side dishes that would pair well with the recipe, each of which depends on the dish.


After Paprika, we give you Pepperplate. While it may not be the only recipe app a pro could use, it is a comprehensive one where you can pull recipes from any website as well as upload personal ones. You can also copy and paste text and photos.

Weber’s On The Grill

For all grilling savants out there, Weber’s On the Grill is for you. It supplies not only 300 different recipes for an entire grill-prepared meal — dessert and all —but the whole process for preparing the dish. You can edit the items on your grocery list or enter the thickness of the meat and the app will automatically adjust the grilling time and temperature accordingly. Short instructional videos by celebrity chef and author Jamie Purviance are also available.


Now this is a life saver for your dinner parties with guests of various food preferences or allergies. Substitutions allows you  to choose from a list of allergies and presents suitable alternatives for dishes with the unwanted ingredient. The app also includes options for vegans and gluten-free guests, along with welcome substitutions for specific ingredients.


Appetites is another helpful tool for DIY cooks and food enthusiasts out there. Equipped with step-by-step videos accompanying each recipe, spend less but learn more through the perspective of a professional chef.

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