Tips and Advises on How to Become a Good Web Developer

One of the good things about web development is the fact that the entire process requires several skills. So it is a must that a good web developer stays humble and look for ways on how they can improve their knowledge especially that the important skills that you now possessed changes fast and constantly. The following list presents the most important skills that you need to possess to be able to become one of the best web developers.

  1. Cross-Browser Debugging. All website developers dreams of attracting as many visitors as possible. Thus, it is important that your website works well with all of the major browsers including Safari 4, IE 6, IE 7, IE 8, FF 2, FF 3, and Opera 9. A number of web developers hate the process of cross browser debugging, however you should know that the better your website is, the less that you need to do something for it.

It is advised that you use a preventative cross-browser debugging that starts with a valid HTML along with an excellent reset of your stylesheet.

  1. Image Optimization and Processing. While majority of web developers relies with the design assets of the professional designers, it is also recommended that they know how to use Photoshop. This is because an excellent knowledge when it comes to image processing allows you in making fast changes to your comps without the need to ask your designer. Moreso, it helps in having you understand the possibilities when it comes to hanging design.

One the most required skill in Photoshop is image optimization. The truth is image file sizes is one of the strongest threat with bandwidth and optimizing the images may make or break the loading time of your site. So a simple Illustrator and Photoshop ‘Save for Web’ option makes the optimization process simpler and easier.

  1. Regular Expressions. These are used in parsing things which basically helps in replacing and finding bits of texts. Although you may see it as a trivial concern, regex versatility makes this one extremely powerful. There are several ways in optimizing your regex strings. When you do, this will mean a massive difference in performance with your app.
  1. Basic SEO. You knowledge with basic SEO is very important when you wanted to become a good web developer. Of course, you can always leave the keyword research for your client to do, yet, as a developer you need to adapt sound strategies in targeting these keywords within the page. This simply means that you need a clean markup plus a good use of title, meta, h1, and h2 tags within the front end. You also need a solid link as well as a directory structure that is properly organized within the back end.
  1. Get a good library of JavaScript. Even if you really don’t write much JavaScript, equipping yourself with an excellent JavaScript language may make that bit a lot easier. So it does not matter if you are using jQuery or Mootols, learning JavaScript library may help you with web development to save time.

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    Williammark September 14, 2013 at 5:27 am

    Above all five points are really very important before creating any web development.thanks for the article.

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