Things to Consider in Choosing the Best Web Hosting Provider

There are several aspects that you need to consider in choosing the best hosting provider. Most of the time, price does not come on top of the priorities but features and services that the company provide. Presently, iPage and Fatcow are just two of the best web hosting service provider that you must consider. In this article you will be presented with reasons why they are considered the best.

To start, iPage reviews state that aside from being widely po pular as a web hosting provider, its excellent services and feature packed product are the top reasons why you must choose this provider. It had been used by several websites nowadays. In fact, the provider was among the top ten most recognized web hosting providers in the online community.

In an iPage review, the provider is highly regarded because of its more than a decade of existence. With this, it was able to prove that it is reliable and worthy of using on website creation that promises quality online pages and websites. This product is owned and manages by EIG or the Endurance International Group. This is actually the same company that manages other popular hosting sites like FatCow, JustHost, BlueHost, GoDaddy and several others.

To fulfill its promise to provide only the best service to its clients, the company partnered with Weebly, the top builder of website today. While Weebly is also a web hosting provider, its competence in building sites has made iPage decide to partner with it and allow it to handle its entire web building tasks. Basically, Weebly uses the drag and drop system which had been proven and tested as a very effective and easy method in developing sites and is use by several web developers now.

Among the things that the company and Weebly do includes choosing the right background for your website. In fact, you can already choose a template from their numerous pre-defined templates. What’s good in this is the fact that it already allows the developer in manipulating the design thus making it look like it was personalized and overall feel is professional.

Layout selection is also another thing that you can do in website creation with the web host provider. It has several layouts available to choose from its web builder tool thus text highlights and file clustering was made easier.

Furthermore, working with your pages has become a lot easier in this provider. This is because it lets you to have multiple pages as you require it. You can even create themes on your pages then personalize all of them.

In addition, SEO or Search Engine Optimization that requires keywords and meta tags shall be assigned to the text data on your page. These are the highlighted texts that represents the content of your page and will be used in locating the research results within the search engines.

Finally, Site publication was also made easier. You can make an initial launch of your page in less a time after your site is ready for publication. In fact, you can even publish them again after editing or incorporating new things on it.

On the other hand, a Fatcow review from its customer says that people considering to subscribe from their services should not worry much especially on the aspect of paying a setup fee upon subscribing from the company. The setup is actually free of charge.

In addition, the domain name just cost around $10 if you register the name on places like Namesilo or Namecheap. When creating a new account with FatCow, you will be provided with your preferred domain name for free. However, this is only good for one year.

The company had been founded in 1998. It offers an easy to use platform and several intuitive services. The provider is highly committed in creating high quality website. The provider is located at Burlington Massachusetts and is using Green energy since 2008.

Now if you are asking what is a green energy, well, this is an eco-friendly energy that powers the equipment and facilities of the company. It is using a hundred percent wind energy. When you are subscribe to a company that uses green energy, you can post a badge on your site telling your visitor that your page is powered by a green energy. A plus point especially if you have visitors who highly conscious about the environment.

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