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8.5 Overall Rating

WPEngine is a leading managed WordPress hosting provider with variety of hosting plans geared towards a wide range of users from personal blogs to mission critical websites. As a managed hosting environment, engagements around WPEngine are exclusively supported by their 24/7 customer support.

  • Website Security
  • Ecommerce and Email Marketing
  • Excellent Uptime
  • Customer Service
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Visitor caps
  • Relatively expensive
  • No phone support for Personal Plan
  • Lack of email hosting
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9.2 Blog Rating


When looking to host your blog or website, it makes a lot of sense to partner with a company that has served over 60,000 customers and whose footprint is in more than 136 countries. WPEngine have developed their technology in managed WordPress hosting which is by far one of the superior blog hosting platforms. Their technology is exceptional and this has made their platforms to be scalable, fast, and secure.

Blog Hosting Plans

Irrespective of your hosting needs, you will find a plan that suits you at WPEngine. The 5 plans they offer are:

Personal Plan – This is for small websites and startups. It comes with 24/7 live support and 10 GB of local storage. It goes for $29 a month.

Professional Plan – This accepts up to 10 installs and offers 20 GB of local storage. The traffic volume it can handle is 100,000 visits a month and costs $99 a month.

Business Plan – If you have a cluster of websites that total up to 400,000 visits a month, this is the plan to go for. You get 25 installs and 30 GB of local storage at $249 a month.

Premium Plan – This is a dedicated architecture that gives you high performance and managed onboarding. It accommodates over 1 million visits per month and gives you 150 installs with a local storage of up to 300 GB.

Enterprise Grade Plan – This is the ultimate plan with a capacity to handle over 5 million visits per month on a dedicated environment. Local storage stretches to 1 TB and you get 24/7 ticket support, application performance, and strategic account management.

What Makes WPEngine Blog Hosting Special

Well, lots of factors come into play when considering the uniqueness of WPEngine blog hosting. The following is a quick highlight of what it means to host your website here:

  • Solid website security with SSL certificates, malware scans, and a firewall
  • Excellent uptime
  • Exceptional customer service which include toll-free 24/7 phone support for all plans except Personal which benefits from 24/7 live chat.
  • Money back guarantee – You get up to 60 days of trial period just to access the suitability of the plans for you.

The Downside of WPEngine Blog Hosting

The following factors undermine WPEngine’s rating:

  • Visitor caps especially for Personal and Professional plans
  • Expensive relative to some their competitors
  • Lack of phone support in the Personal Plan

All in all, weighing the pros and the cons, WPEngine still offers excellent blog hosting services any business may want to consider.

  • Solid website security
  • Excellent uptime
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Money back guarantee

Get started with WPEngine now.

Money-Back Guarantee
60 Days
Disk Space
10GB - 400GB
Domain Name
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We have not yet reviewed a Dedicated Hosting option for WPEngine because they don't currenly appear to offer this type of hosting.

We have not yet reviewed a VPS Hosting option for WPEngine because they don't currenly appear to offer this type of hosting.

9.4 Wordpress Rating


Close to 30% of websites online run on WordPress and this is a key statistic in gauging the popularity of web hosting platforms. WPEngine offers a faster and more secure way of growing your brand through a number of managed WordPress platforms. The range of businesses catered for in these plans is wide from personal blog sites on the lower end to mission critical websites on the higher end.

WPEngine WordPress Hosting Plans

The hosting plans offered by WPEngine have been praised as having the best-in-class architecture and scalability.

Personal Plan

With a 60-day risk free trial period, the personal plan is best suited for customers with simple sites and minimal budgets. This plan comes with powerful technology and a solid customer service available 24/7 on live chat.  It’s a shared plan which means your website will be on a platform with many others sharing resources. For this reason, it can accommodate up to 25,000 visits per month and the local storage space is 10 GB. You also get a free SSL certificate per subscription. The cost of this plan is $29 per month.

Professional Plan

This plan targets businesses with steady traffic or a large number of smaller sites. You can host up to 10 websites as long as your total visits per month do not exceed 100,000. The local storage is 20 GB and you also get a free SSL certificate upon subscription. The cost for the Professional Plan is $99 per month, but there is a trial period for 60 days to gauge the suitability of the plan.

Business Plan

Just like the two above, this is also on a shared platform, but accommodates a much higher level of traffic, 400,000 visits per month. There is local storage of up to 30 GB and accommodates up to 25 installations. With a free SSL certificate, you can guarantee your customers security of their data and information as they interact with your website. The cost is $249 per month and again you get 60 days risk free trial period.

Premium Plan

This is a managed WordPress hosting plan for businesses that are actively growing and which prioritize optimal performance. You get a dedicated environment where your website is hosted on a single server attended to by a tailored customer service team. The maximum installs are up to 150 and the visits per month catered for are over 1 million.

Enterprise Grade Plan

If you have a traffic of over 5 million per month and want a dedicated environment with local storage of up to 1 TB, this is the plan to go for. It is only the Enterprise Grade Plan and the Premium Plan that do not have a trial period because everything is negotiated and customized.

The Pros of WPEngine WordPress Hosting

Among the advantages of this hosting include:

  • State-of-the-art technology that accommodates high traffic
  • A global network with data centers spread in the EMEA, US, and Asia-Pacific regions.
  • Variety of web hosting plans to cater for your needs
  • Excellent customer service
  • Malware scanning and daily backups
  • Exceptional uptime

Why WPEngine WordPress Hosting May not be For You

  • Relatively expensive
  • No phone support for subscribers in the personal plan
  • They neither sell domains nor provide email hosting
  • There is no Window-based server environment
  • Visitor caps

Anyone looking for a mid-range managed WordPress hosting service provider, WPEngine stands tall in this niche.

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • A global network with strategically-placed data centers
  • Variety of web hosting plans Excellent customer service
  • Malware scanning and daily backups
  • Exceptional uptime

Get started with WPEngine now.

Money-Back Guarantee
60 Days
Disk Space
10GB - 400GB
Domain Name
See Plans

In the world today, brands are far more important than they were a hundred years ago. Brands bring together the science and psychology of what your business offers in terms of products and even service delivery. If you want your brand to outlive your products and convey credibility, quality, and experience, you must nurture its digital component. This is what WPEngine is all about. As a managed WordPress hosting provider, this company helps brands power their digital experience through a variety of plans.

Did you know that every second of delay in your website load time can cause over 7% of loss in conversions? And a 2 second delay can result in 87% abandonment? Well, if you didn’t, you now know. This is why it is imperative to choose a platform that gives you the right blend of technologies and service to fuel your enterprise performance.

An Overview of WPEngine

WordPress is by far the most reliable backbone supporting millions of websites around the globe. This is precisely why some web hosting services such as WPEngine have decided to exclusively focus on hosting on this content management system. WPEngine has been rated by several players in the market including big brands as a more-than-competent hosting service provider due to their excellent uptime record, unlimited monthly data transfers, WordPress-focused security among other excellent features.

Being a managed hosting environment, engagements around WPEngine are exclusively supported by their 24/7 customer support. The environment is specifically designed with WordPress installations and plug-ins in mind. As a matter of fact, with WPEngine, you don’t have to install WordPress as you would do with other web hosts. Every WPEngine plan you purchase, comes pre-installed with the content management system. Imagine opening your introductory email to view your login details and discover that you do not need any additional setup for you to get started.

When it comes to content creation, WPEngine brings forward the benefits of WordPress hosting to give you a customer-friendly environment in which you can create pages, posts, and galleries with much ease. Not every WordPress plug-in you will come across is automatically compatible with WPEngine. This is because the company evaluates the plug-ins before incorporating them in their platform. Negative performing plug-ins and those that duplicate whatever WPEngine already has are excluded.

WPEngine Managed WordPress Hosting Plans

Managed WordPress Hosting

If you are looking for a company with a variety of hosting packages, you will not find one in WPEngine. This is because this company has dedicated its research, innovation, and product creation around WordPress hosting. To some people, this may sound as a disadvantage, but on the flipside, it has helped WPEngine to be an authority in this niche.

Therefore, if you are looking to setup a personal blog or even a complex and intricate website for your brand, WordPress is one of the platforms you may want to consider and by extension WPEngine as your hosting partner. Irrespective of your requirements, this web hosting service provider has a plan that can help you meet your objectives. Below is a brief overview of what each of the plans offer.

Personal Plan

If you have a single site you want to run such as a personal blog or a simple store website, this package suits you. Also, people who want to roll out a bigger project, but for some reason want to start small and test the experience of several web hosting companies and plans before settling on one, this is also a good entry platform. One of the things that is outstanding with a Personal Plan is that it is powered by innovative technology and 24/7 customer service.

In terms of local storage, this plan gives you up to 10 GB of space which technically should be able to accommodate your uploads and site features without slowing it down. The beauty with ample local storage space is that it enables you to store in a secure manner large amounts of data only pertinent to your domain and protocol. You do not share this storage with anyone.

This plan also gives you free SSL certificates to secure connections from your web browser to your server. If you are running a small ecommerce site, this is most certainly an added advantage because your customers will easily entrust you with their information knowing that it is secure and no one can tamper with it. Typically, this plan accommodates websites which have an average of 25,000 visits per month.

Professional Plan

This managed WordPress hosting plan by WPEngine is to cater for customers who are managing websites that have a steady traffic such as large ecommerce sites, utility sites, and even medium news sites. The real deal in professional plans is their flexibility. It allows you to install up to 10 sites which means you can have all your domains on the same platform for ease of management.

The traffic level professional plans accommodate endears them to a majority of customers. They can handle up to 100,000 visits a month which is huge for any business that has a proper conversion plan. In terms of local storage, this plan has double that of personal plan, 20 GB. There is also the benefit of a free SSL certificate which translates into website security.

Business Plan

This plan allows you to have up to 25 installs. This may seem quite a lot, but if you are a business that has different websites for your different products or you operate in more than one region, you will find this helpful. The traffic limit for this plan is 4 times that of the professional plan at 400,000 visits per month. This means the average per day is about 13,000 which is a good number for any busy website. The local storage gives you up to 30GB in addition to free SSL certificates.

An outstanding feature of this plan is GeoIP. This is basically a cutting-edge technology that helps identify the geographic location of a computer terminal using its IP Address. When generating content and you want to target or tailor it to a specific location, this technology comes in handy. Also targeted advertising, spam prevention, and restricted access based on location can be well executed using GeoIP.

Premium Plan

There are organizations whose priority is in optimal performance of their websites. In short, you can’t allow even a second for your website to slow down or go under. If you are such a customer, then the premium plan is what you exactly need. What is so special with this plan is that it combines the unique features of a single server environment. As a matter of fact, this plan gives you your own dedicated environment complete with targeted customer service and lots of innovations to enable you drive high performance experiences.

For this reason, this plan is highly customized and can be arranged once WPEngine understands your unique needs. Unlike the others which have a fixed amount per month, this plan doesn’t have an explicit figure. With managed onboarding, as one of the key features of the premium plan, you can easily move your sites without experiencing downtimes.

Enterprise Grade Plan

This is the ultimate plan in terms of uptime, performance, and scalability that WPEngine have. This is a plan reserved for mission critical sites and those experiencing extremely high traffic. There is a dedicated clustered environment within which your sites are secured. The customer service dedicated to this plan is of the highest quality.

Just like the premium plan, the enterprise grade plan has managed onboarding for ease of sites movement. However, something that is truly unique to this plan is the load-balancing technology. Technically, load balancing is a technology that enables you to distribute workloads across a number of resources such as a computer cluster. The benefit of this is that your resource usage is highly optimized and your throughput is maximized. Every customer visiting your site will appreciate the minimized response time and site speed. It is also the only plan that has strategic account management, 24/7 ticket support, and application performance.

The WPEngine Advantage


According to statistics gathered from WPEngine , the company has experience in hosting over 60,000 customers spread across 136 countries around the world. Their data centers are in EMEA, United States, and Asia-Pacific. This ensures customer sites speed is always high regardless of their location. To build on this experience, WPEngine has the following key advantages.

Website Security

If you are a business aiming to sell products through your website, one of the things you should look for and have a guarantee on is a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. The advantage of this certificate is that it safeguards the information flow from your customer to your servers. The confidence this brings helps you to earn a reputation that can easily translate into conversions. To the advantage of WPEngine customers, there is one free SSL certificate provided for any hosting subscription from personal to enterprise grade.

In addition to this, WPEngine conducts malware scans on a daily basis and has a strong firewall designed to block any threat. They have a promise that any site that gets hacked will be repaired free of charge by their team.

Ecommerce and Email Marketing

Email Marketing

The specialization of WPEngine within the WordPress hosting space has come with lots of other benefits that customers can easily tap into to grow their online businesses. One of these treasures is the massive library for content management system plug-ins designed specifically for ecommerce. Some of the plug-ins include WooCommerce and Shopify.

To add to this, there are numerous email marketing technologies such as Mailflow, Drip, and DirectIQ. Even with the small fee charged by the email marketing and ecommerce companies, you are better off operating within this space.

Excellent Uptime

Any hosting service worth its salt needs to prioritize website uptime. This is solely because sites that have unpredictable uptimes frustrate customers and largely undermine accessibility of the products and services on offer. You can literally test WPEngine’s uptime using a website monitoring tool and prove their incredible stability. Uptime contributes to a larger extent to the customers web experience.

Customer Service


It doesn’t matter how well a product is or is marketed, if there isn’t a rock-solid customer service team to back it up, the bottom line will not be significant. On realizing that not everyone is a guru online, WPEngine put up one of the most helpful line of customer support to cater for the different queries from around the world. They have a dedicated phone line which is open 24/7 and toll free.

In addition, they have an online live chat platform that is again open 24/7 for customers to share their experience, ask questions, and seek clarification. This platform is especially advantageous to Personal Plan subscribers because these are not catered for in the toll-free telephone support.

Money Back Guarantee

A web hosting service provider confident in the products they offer cannot shy away from giving their customers a slice of the pie before they make a purchase commitment. WPEngine by far surpasses what most of their competitors offer as the trial window. They give a 60-day money back guarantee for the Personal Plan, Professional Plan, and Business Plan. However, this doesn’t apply to the Premium and Enterprise Grade web hosting plans.

The Downside of WPEngine

The excellent features and innovative technology aside, some customers feel left out of WPEngine because of certain factors amongst them:

  • Visitor caps – The limit on the number of visitors a site can accommodate is an impediment especially to business startups wanting to take advantage of the low-priced packages.
  • Relatively expensive – Even with their Personal Plan priced at $29 per month, WPEngine are still expensive compared to some of their competitors. In a year, customers on this plan pay $348 which is quite a huge amount to just have a blog running.
  • No phone support for Personal Plan – This is one of the major let downs for subscribers in this category because they would expect more at that price. This leaves the subscribers to depend on just the live chat support.
  • Lack of email hosting – Customers would expect to have email hosting as part of the packages offered by WPEngine. However, this is not the case and to some extent it has frustrated some subscribers who have to look for hosting elsewhere.

Bottom Line

The Bottom Line

Looking at both the pros and the cons, WPEngine offers key functionalities loaded with useful features that can give you a soft landing when looking to establish your footprint online. The WordPress friendly features make your experience worthwhile particularly with the help of customer service reps who are always online.

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