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StartLogic LogoAt the heart of StartLogic is a vision to help small businesses discover their potential online by enabling them create websites. This company has a desire to give businesses space and a platform not only to thrive, but also grow online. From the time they started, back in 2003 to date, the company has grown tremendously to its current clientele base which is well over 100,000, spread across the globe.

With more than a decade of business experience, StartLogic can now boast that they fully understand consumer demands as far web hosting is concerned. Regardless of the experience, needs and story of small businesses, StartLogic is determined to deliver superior web experience and best value to their clients. The company offers some of the most affordable hosting solutions for personal blogs, online portfolio, and fully-fledged ecommerce websites.

Their partnership with Google in 2011 saw them up their effort in helping businesses to establish their footprints online. Together with the internet giant, StartLogic rolled out a program known as “Get Your Business Online” which offered useful website building tools, education, and knowledge to grow and thrive on the web.

The ensuing description paints a successful web hosting company, but the question most people regularly ask on the web is: can StartLogic live up to its promises?

To answer the above question and many other concerns, I feel it is important to look at some of the features integrated into StartLogic’s hosting service. This includes the hosting plans, pricing, customer support, uptime track record among other features. The review will also look at any pros and cons so that when you decide to host your website on StartLogic, you understand what you are getting yourself into.

Web Hosting Plans by StartLogic

Before delving into the intricacies of hosting plans and their features, it is important to appreciate that StartLogic has invested in a variety of hosting plans targeted at small businesses. For this reason, their pricing is done in a manner as to accommodate smaller budgets which is typical of these small businesses. The number of hosting plans they offer is 6 in total, 3 being shared hosting plans and the other 3 virtual private server (VPS) plans. Aside from this, you can purchase domain names right from StartLogic as well as many other products and services that will help you anchor your business online for success.

Shared Web Hosting

Computers sharing a serverStartLogic uses Linux-based servers instead of Microsoft in their shared web hosting. The starting price is $4.50 per month which is arguably one of the cheapest among web hosting providers. In shared web hosting, small business websites are put on the same server and allowed to share the hosting space. On the backend, the servers are managed by StartLogic which means any installations of server software, technical support, and security updates are taken care of. The advantage StartLogic has by hosting websites on Linux operating system is the security and reliability.

If you are a business or an individual looking for simple website solutions, then StartLogic can definitely help you through their shared web hosting plans. With the understanding that even within shared hosting there are differentiated needs, the company decided to customize its hosting packages and categorize them into three: Express, Pro, and Supercharge. Each of these plans as expected give you access to a wide array of features and tools necessary to start off your website without spending much of your resources.

Express Plan

You don’t need experience running a website for you to start one online. This is the message StartLogic is sending through the Express shared hosting plan which costs $4.50 per month. This is simply the perfect solution businesses have been looking for, particularly basic small businesses, newbies, personal sites, and technophobes. This plan is also appropriate for individuals whose schedules are so busy that they can’t sit down to put together a website. Subscribing to this plan, guarantees you a fully functional website, up and running within minutes.

StartLogic have a site builder known as Site Expresso which does the heavy lifting and all the complex stuff involved in setting up a website.  The site builder even goes ahead to generate unique content for your website so that you can save lots of money and time in curating content. In generating the content, Site Expresso uses the basic information you provide when setting up the website. You just need to answer a few questions as you are setting up the website and in no time, you will have a finished site which is fully customized to your needs.

Other features you will enjoy under this plan include 5GB of disk space, 100GB bandwidth, 5 email addresses, and $175 worth of free advertising credits. The maximum number of websites per account here is only one and you also have access to one MySQL database.

Pro Plan

This shared web hosting plan is targeted at businesses and individuals who want to make a more powerful footprint online. It gives you the opportunity to customize your own website. If you are a small business, blogger, non-profit organization, or creative professional, looking for an ideal solution to help you build flexible websites, StartLogic’s Pro Plan is the real deal.

Starting from $5.99 per month, the Pro Plan gives you unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited websites per account, unlimited email addresses, free advertising credits worth $175, and 10 MySQL databases.

This plan allows you to build a website right from scratch with lots of flexibility and ease using their Drag-and-Drop Site Builder, Weebly, and Site Expresso. There is no point in the process that you will be exposed to any complex software or tricky code, all you will experience is a smooth process that will finally give you a brand-new website in no time.

Supercharge Plan

This is the crème de la cr29ème of StartLogic’s shared web hosting plan. Its ecosystem is designed to accommodate large and high traffic websites which require high levels of speed, security, and optimal performance. If you are an entrepreneur, advanced web developer, ecommerce website owner, or running a fast-growing website, this plan is for you. The cost of this plan is $8.99 per month.

The Supercharge plan is the only one among the shared web hosting plans to have an enterprise-grade technology which gives you the power and lightning fast loading speed to run powerful websites. In addition, it offers you various website builders to choose from. There is the Site Expresso, Drag-and-Drop Site Builder, and Weebly.

With this plan, you can launch a powerful website that has blazing fast speeds and advanced security profile. As a matter of fact, people who have subscribed to this plan have described it as an opportunity to enjoy the best of both worlds- topnotch performance and the simplicity of website building.

Other features of the Supercharge Plan include unlimited disk space, scalable bandwidth, unlimited websites per account, unlimited email addresses, free advertising credits worth $175, ecommerce functionalities, and unlimited MySQL databases.

Compared to other web hosts such as BlueHost, StartLogic has roughly the same offers, but it is slightly cheaper in terms of pricing. Probably this is the reason why StartLogic doesn’t offer any promotional or special introductory prices for their shared web hosting plans.

Virtual Private Server Hosting Plan

Image of virtual private serversHaving a shared hosting plan is commendable especially for a startup. However, by design, shared web hosting cannot accommodate heavy traffic websites because of the limited hosting resources. When you get to that point where you feel your shared hosting plan in a way hinders the growth prospects of your website, you can switch to virtual private server hosting. StartLogic doesn’t want you to move, but instead upgrade to a more spacious hosting plan that gives you room to expand.

If you still need some convincing for you to move to VPS hosting, consider this:

VPS hosting from StartLogic doesn’t incur any maintenance costs. The company believes that since they are your web host, it is their business to do the maintenance for you. In addition, a virtual private server can be carved up to yield multiple single virtual machines. This means you can have access to several virtual machines on the same server or share your server with other users without them negatively affecting your operations.

Under VPS hosting, you get your slice of the server resources and this allows you and your traffic to experience some of the fast loading times. As you may know, websites which load slowly can be a bother to site users and has been highlighted severally as one of the key causes of bounce rates. With a spacious random-access memory (RAM), powerful central processing unit, and more disk space, you can be guaranteed your site’s performance will be amazing.

Another point of departure from shared hosting is that VPS hosting gives you the freedom to choose the applications or software you want to install. There are no restrictions and in essence you are your own boss. The biggest benefit of StartLogic’s VPS hosting is the pricing. Unlike dedicated hosting where you have your own dedicated server, VPS hosting is a hybrid of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Here, you share the hosting costs with other users accessing the same server resources as your website. This means the services and tools come at a much lower cost without compromising on the performance.

The VPS hosting plan is subdivided into three different sub-plans: Logic, LogicPro, and LogicPremium at a cost of $29.99, $39.99, and $49.99 respectively.

vDeck Customizable Control Panel

vDECK 4 imageThis is a full-service control panel StartLogic have offered their clients. It has a user-friendly interface and mirrors the functionalities of the cPanel. It is efficient and can perform all the web master functions seamlessly. With a learning curve of approximately 10 to 30 minutes, vDeck is easy to use especially for beginners.

The vDeck version StartLogic uses is 3.0. This version is a complete automated hosting solution designed to allow you to manage your web hosting account. What is more appealing is that you don’t need any coding skills to professionally use vDeck. At the interface, you can perform a number of tasks such as site marketing, website creation, email account creation, and statistics analysis using a point-and-click technique.

You can do the following with vDeck:

  • Access and check your mails
  • View and analyze your website statistics
  • Monitor your disk space usage and bandwidth performance
  • Upload files
  • Manage your account as well as billing details

The vDeck is fully customizable allowing you to add your business logo, change fonts and colors, as well as add the control panel to your branded website. You can do all this using the hypertext markup language (HTML). Since you can easily manage your domains from here, you have the necessary tools and services needed to grow your business.

vDeck is the solution you need to manage the growth of your business by accessing all your web portfolio on a single simplified control panel. The only downside to the vDeck control panel is that it uses the MOJO Marketplace Installer which is admittedly great, but it can be a bit slow at times. Many of StartLogic customers would have preferred Softaculous Installer instead.

Ecommerce Essentials

StartLogic gives you the tools you need to launch your online store with ease. On the ecommerce platform, you can add a shopping cart, process credit cards, and protect your customer information. A feature that isn’t found in many ecommerce platforms is the product search. StartLogic included this search to make it easy for your customers to do shopping on your website. With the virtual shopping cart, your customer can click and add products before checking out.

There are various ways you can integrate a shopping cart onto your StartLogic ecommerce site. You can use ShopSite Shopping Cart, PayPal Payment Services, Agora Shopping Cart, Weebly eCommerce, and osCommerce Shopping Cart.

When it comes to customer information protection, StartLogic has a positive SSL Certificate. However, if you are in need of a higher level of security, you can choose Comodo Extended Validation Certificate.

Advantages of StartLogic

Tick symbolStartLogic are outstanding in their web hosting solutions. They give businesses especially startups the platform they need to grow their businesses. Among the advantages of StartLogic include:

Reliability and Performance

This company offers 99.9% guarantee in uptime which according to some sections of users is more of an industry norm. However, StartLogic are trying to minimize any downtime and from experience their average is about 99.95 uptime monitored over a 10-day testing period. The page loading speed tested over the same time period is about 1.4466. This places it at par with top web hosts such as iPage and eHost.

24/7 Technical Support

Customer service is important for the performance of any website and StartLogic are determined to offer their customers 24/7 support through live chat, email, and telephone. Their customer support is knowledgeable and friendly. There is also an extensive knowledge base and a comprehensive user guide that brings together video tutorials and useful how-to’s.

Affordable Hosting Plans

StartLogic doesn’t have lots of hosting plans, but the shared hosting and VPS hosting they have are affordably priced to accommodate individuals and businesses particularly those that are starting out. The shared plan starts at $4.50 while the VPS plan starts at $29.99.

Multiple Domain Hosting

Depending on the plan you choose, you can have unlimited hosting for your domains. Actually, the only plan that limits your domain hosting is the Express Shared hosting plan.

Free Domain Name

When you sign up for a hosting plan, you are given a free domain of your choice which brings down your total cost of going online.

StartLogic is also trusted by Google and this is a plus for visibility.

The Downside

The absence of dedicated hosting as well as managed WordPress hosting has pulled down StartLogic’s rating and preference. Also, the fact that all sites are hosted on Linux-based servers locks out customers who prefer Window-based servers. Since vDeck is not among the commonly used control panels unlike cPanel, some customers find the learning curve a bit inconveniencing. The customer support also needs to improve because people have been complaining of long wait times and unanswered queries.

The Bottom Line

Wooden hammerStartLogic may not be the choicest web hosting provider for everyone, but they are above the cut when it comes to the quality of their services. Their partnership with Google in providing innovative solutions to small business owners is proof enough that they are not your ordinary hosts. With their budget-friendly hosting plans and 30-day money back guarantee, you may want to give them a try.

8 Overall Rating
StartLogic Review

StartLogic has customized hosting, web-building and eCommerce solutions for everyone, but mostly small businesses in need of extra speed and advanced security. Hosting your website on their servers assures you of lightning-fast speeds, free marketing credit, 24/7 support, and web security.

  • Multiple domain hosting
  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Free domain name when you subscribe to a hosting plan
  • Excellent uptime record of 99.95%
  • Trusted by Google
  • Easy to understand and manage hosting options
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Excellent eCommerce features and services
  • Long wait times in customer support
  • Restricted to Linux-based servers
  • Lacks dedicated web hosting and WordPress hosting
  • A vDeck control panel learning curve
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