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Aabaco LogoBefore Google came into the scene to challenge the existing search engine kings, Yahoo! was there. Anyone who cares to follow the history of the internet would know how influential Yahoo was back in the day. The story is long and winding, but fortunately we are not here to dig into the past, but rather talk about Aabaco and assess their web hosting reliability.

You may wonder what a search engine or online directory has to do with web hosting. Well, Google seems to be dominating the web, but if there is one service they haven’t really zeroed in on, is web hosting. Yahoo! on the other hand knew well beforehand the importance of web hosting to businesses and individuals who wanted to be visible online. For a website to be fully functional, it needs a reliable web host. For sustainability especially for small businesses, there is need for affordability of the web hosting services. These are factors that Yahoo! knew and capitalized on when it introduced Yahoo! Small Business.

From Yahoo! Small Business to Aabaco Small Business

Yahoo! Small Business was dedicated to offering web hosting services customized and packaged for small business owners who wanted to establish their presence online. However, unlike other web hosting service providers who offer a wide array of hosting packages, Yahoo! Small Business offered a one-size-fits-all personalized solution which was packed with very useful features to appeal to newbies.

Web hosting critics have however downplayed the features terming them as generic and nothing out of the ordinary. As the years went on and on, customers started complaining about the low-key kind of customer service that they were receiving and this was the turning point of Yahoo! Small Business. In a surprising move, they transitioned their web hosting service to create something that they hoped would be much better and re-branded it Aabaco Small Business. Essentially, they were the same team only that they were under a different name.

Currently, Aabaco Small Business offers web hosting with the same passion as that exuded by Yahoo! Small Business.

Aabaco Small Business

caption with the words bigger is betterIn terms of operations, Aabaco Small Business is continuing from where Yahoo Small Business left off. The set of tools and services that it is equipped with, enables it to provide much better support to growing businesses. When you sign up with them, here are some of the things you will experience.

  • Flexible web design solutions to enable you build ecommerce websites that are professionally looking.
  • Access to a wide array of sleek and beautifully designed templates. They also allow you to customize your online store with the help of a built-in editor and a wizard.
  • You will have access to third party software that will help you in building an online store. Some of the software at your disposal include Adobe GoLive, Adobe Dreamweaver, and other HTML editing tools.
  • Because Aabaco Small Business is all about startups and growing businesses, they have a developer network ready to assist you in customizing your ecommerce website to include the necessary features as well as functions for your business.
  • Using wizards, you will be able to create web pages that are SEO friendly as well as optimize your content so that you can rank well in search engines.

It is important to note that even before the transition took place, Yahoo Small Business was already a web hosting provider though not as known as the other brands. One explanation to this was the fact that they came in a bit late. Most certainly, Aabaco Small Business is not the best option for every business and person out there. That said, there are some exciting features that come packed in Aabaco Small Business hosting plans that are worth looking at.

One thing that must be appreciated is that Aabaco Small Business is part of a company that has immense expertise and experience in this field and they are now passing on some of this knowledge and benefits of experience to their clients. They are striving to protect their reputation by providing best web hosting services.

Aabaco Small Business Web Hosting Plans

The core business of Aabaco lies in offering ecommerce and web hosting solutions. On the web hosting plans, all of them are shared hosting. Below are the details on these two major product lines for Aabaco.

Shared Web Hosting

Computers surrounding one server Similar to iPage, eHost, BlueHost, and HostGator, Aabaco Small Business offers three different hosting plans under shared hosting. These are Basic, Advanced, and Premier.

Basic Plan

If you are building a personal website or a small site for your business where traffic won’t be much, the best plan for you to start with is the Basic Plan. The pricing for this plan begins at $5.99 per month. However, Aabaco usually throws in discounts from time to time and when that happens, the pricing could go as low as $3.75 per month if you make a commitment to stick with Aabaco for at least 5 years.

The Basic Plan gives you 250 email accounts, 100 GB of disk space, a free domain to start you off, and up to 1000 GB per month of data transfer. In addition, you get access to Aabaco site design tools which are a huge relief for a person or a business that doesn’t have a budget for site building. These design tools enable you to build your own site and customize it without ever touching on code.

Advanced Plan

Launching a business site is an undertaking that requires resources in terms of money, time and expertise. Oftentimes businesses spend a huge chunk of their budget trying to outsource their web activities. With the Aabaco Small Business Advanced shared plan, you don’t have to worry about how you will get online, they will get you there. This plan starts at $9.99 per month, but with a 5-year commitment, your monthly charges can drop to $5.99 per month. In addition to what the Basic Plan offers, the Advanced Plan gives you 500 GB of storage space, bandwidth of up to 5,000GB per month for massive data transfers, and unlimited databases.

Even though Aabaco doesn’t offer managed WordPress hosting, you can do WordPress blogging on this plan. They also have added a third-party site building tool to help you come up with cool websites for your business. In terms of security, the plan comes integrated with shared SSL certificates that have bank-level encryption.

Premier Plan

Depending on the nature of your website, you may be experiencing heavy traffic throughout the year or seasonal spikes. Whatever the case, you need a hosting plan that can accommodate and smooth out your traffic activity so that none of them get frustrated from site downtimes and slowdowns. Premier hosting is the best Aabaco Small Business have on the shared plans. With no commitment to stick with Aabaco, you will have to pay $14.99 per month, but this amount can come low to about $8.99 per month if you make a 5-year commitment with them.

One of the outstanding features with the Premier Plan is that it gives you unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. The combination of these two features mean that your data transfers will happen seamlessly and your site will always be up and running with negligible if any downtimes. The email accounts you can setup on this hosting plan is 1,000 which paints the picture of a massive organization. You also have access to shared SSL certificates for site security which is important if you are having an ecommerce website where customers leave their sensitive personal information.

All the shared hosting plans give you Ad credit worth $100 in the form of a coupon. Aabaco shared hosting plans all run on Unix/Linux operating system as well as Apache servers. If you prefer Windows OS and other servers, it is advisable then that you try somewhere else.

Features of Aabaco Hosting

Looking deeper into Aabaco hosting bag, there are plenty of other features and services that will make it a breeze to get your site running. Below are some of the top features you will enjoy when you subscribe to their web hosting.

Site Customization Capabilities

The thought of coming up with a website is almost immediately interrupted by the fact that you may not be an expert in code. However, come to think of it, not everyone out there who runs a successful website knows how coding works or even looks like. This is because website builders have come into the picture to make it easy for users to design their own websites through very easy processes. Aabaco Small Business are also not left behind in this. They have easy-to-use web design tools that allow you to create your own website using the available templates.

If you are too busy to set up your website from ground upwards, don’t worry because Aabaco has your back covered. It is one of the few web hosts that offer their customers professionally designed templates they can freely customize to quickly build their websites. Each of the templates has flexible pages and page layouts tailored to the kind of business you are setting up. In terms of web designing, that is money saved which can be put into good use somewhere else.

Online Business Analytic Tools

Unless you wanted to get online for the sake of it, many businesses would want to know how they are faring on in terms of traffic and customer engagement. This is where analytics come into the picture. They give you a preview of the goings on around and about your site so that you can know where to tweak to point your website in the right direction. There are lots of useful analytics tools Aabaco provides for its customers to help them monitor and analyze their site statistics for performance enhancement.

You can add Google Analytics and Yahoo Web Analytics on your website to track its performance and gain useful insights on key marketing metrics. When setting up the analytics accounts, you should do so separately. In addition, Aabaco have other amazing analytics tools such as the Live Insights App through which you can view the products your customers are buying and the pages they are visiting in real time. To give Live Insights a personal touch, it has a live chat system integrated to help you get in touch with your customers.

Coming up with keywords that will help you up your visibility is not a simple task and many businesses fall by the wayside. Aabaco through Live Insights helps you to pick on the top keywords as well as the top referring sites at a glance. Through the interface, you will have an idea where the traffic coming to your site originates from and which of your marketing efforts are giving you the best return on your investment. What more! Live Insights can be downloaded free of charge on your iPhone or desktop.

Email Features

With Aabaco, you get unlimited email storage, post office protocol (POP) and simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) support, email forwarding, compatibility with other email software such as Outlook, web and mobile mail access, Norton Antivirus, and personal calendar among others. Every hosting package comes with a catch-all mailbox which enables you to receive mail sent to your domain which may be misaddressed or misspelled.

 Interactive Multimedia Features

If you want to do customer surveys, Aabaco has fully customizable forms to help you collect feedback. There is also a map with driving directions to help your customers get to your business. This is certainly a plus for brick-and-mortar businesses. The photo comparison page showcases before and after images which is useful when sprucing up images for your web usage. Other multimedia tools include badges for linking all your social media accounts, Donate, Pay Now, Buy Now, and PayPal buttons.

Looking at similar web hosting companies, Aabaco stands out in richness of features in their shared hosting plans. The pricing is also great particularly for startups.

Ecommerce Web Hosting Solutions

eCommerce online shopIf you thought you had seen much in Aabaco shared web hosting plans, you ain’t seen nothing yet! The ecommerce web hosting solutions are what make Aabaco truly standout from their peers. Ecommerce sites irrespective of their size and type are accommodated within the Aabaco Small Business family. Subscribing to an Aabaco ecommerce hosting plan means:

  • Stability – Your site or online store will be up 24/7 with no downtimes even during the busy holiday seasons.
  • Scalability – Spikes in traffic are particularly challenging to many web hosting companies. At Aabaco, they have the experience of handling major traffic spikes and they claim to have achieved 100% for the past 5 years. When the demand for web resources goes up, your site automatically scales up to accommodate the traffic.
  • Security – Knowing how to handle sensitive customer information gives you credibility online. Since ecommerce is all about transactions and customer details, Aabaco found it right and convenient to secure all the payment getaways and ensure they are PCI and CISP compliant.

To make sure nobody is left behind, Aabaco personalized their ecommerce hosting plan and subdivided it into three sub-plans: Basic, Professional, and Premier.

Basic Plan

This plan is ideal for online startups. It starts at $26 per month and it targets stores that look to build simple websites. The Plan includes a mobile storefront, a free domain, 10 business email accounts for external and internal communications, $100 worth of Ad credit from Bing, 1.5% transaction fee which means you are left with more money, topnotch SEO tools for visibility purposes, and PayPal support.

Professional Plan

If you are a growing business and for reason of increased products, you want unlimited storage, the professional plan which starts at $69 per month could be your answer. This plan builds on the offerings of the Basic Plan and on top includes API access for third party solutions, 1% transaction fee, and 30 business email accounts.

Premier Pan

This is the best of the ecommerce packages offered by Aabaco Small Business. It is not cheap, but gives you so much in terms of functionality. Subscribing to this plan will see you fork out $249 every month. The target for this package are ecommerce sites that have extremely high levels of performance.

The tools at your disposal in this plan are more than sufficient to take your business to the next level. You have access to a hopping 1,000 business email accounts, an extremely low transaction fee of only 0.75%, and on top of it you get priority phone support. It feels nice when you have been assigned a designated account manager to help you handle your queries and give you insights on how to better manage your website.

One thing to note is that Aabaco bills their plans on an annual basis. This means your commitment should be for 12 months on the least.

Features of the Ecommerce Plans

Aabaco are focused on giving you the necessary tools to enable your business grow on the web. Just like in shared hosting, you get highly customizable templates to allow you to build an online store quickly and easily. The websites you design on Aabaco are mobile-friendly and this is important not just as a ranking signal, but also as a platform to allow interactions from shoppers on mobile and tablets. On your online store, you will be able to accept payments through various gateways such as American Express, Mastercard, Visa, PayPal, and Discover Network. Thanks to shipping integrations with out of the box shipping services such as UPS, you can set shipping fees, print labels, and do so much more on your online store.

Other features include:

Powerful Apps to Grow Your Business

There is a collection of apps on the Aabaco ecommerce platform which can help you get meaningful engagement and close sales without breaking too much sweat. Some of the apps include:

  • Live Sales – This allows you to chat with your customers and close sales
  • Google Shopping – With this app, you can tap into the power of Google to list your products advertisements
  • Retargeting – This uses the power of display ads to bring visitors to your website.
  • T-Hub Online – This is an order manager integrated with QuickBooks for ease of accounting.
  • Justuno Social Bribery – This app gives you easy-to-use widgets to help you gain social fans quickly.

Other useful apps include Olark for chats and visitor monitoring as well as Cinsay for video ecommerce.

Control Panel

Everyone is quite familiar with the cPanel. However, if you get an opportunity to interact with Aabaco’s Business Control Panel, you may even forget about cPanel. From this control panel, you can access most if not all the tools offered under the Aabaco web solutions umbrella. Its interface is user-friendly and from the control panel you can easily delete or add pages, customize designs to fit your preferences, and change the layouts at will.

Top Advantages of Aabaco Small Business

While much has been discussed above, there are three key advantages you are poised to enjoy when you subscribe to Aabaco ecommerce or shared hosting solutions. Among them include:

Guaranteed Uptime and Reliability – Aabaco have a reputation of providing stable hosting services. This is important for online credibility. If your customers know that your site is always up, they will tend to prioritize your site to others.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee – If you subscribe to Aabaco hosting plans and for some reason you are not satisfied with their services, you can cancel your hosting and they will refund your money as long as it is within the 30-day window.

Customer Support – Aabaco have email ticketing, video tutorials, and a knowledgebase, customers can interact with as they learn more about how to personalize or optimize tehri usage of the different hosting features.


Apart from the fact that Aabaco doesn’t offer managed WordPress hosting, Windows Os hosting, and Live Chat facility, they have largely managed to convince many users that they are web hosting company of choice. The many features they have both under the shared plans and ecommerce hosting plans are extremely useful for businesses setting up online.


7.5 Overall Rating
Aabaco Review

Aabaco has its eyes on small businesses. It has developed solutions that are feature-rich, but competitively priced to give an edge to start ups seeking to set up online. Their shared hosting plans: Basic, Advanced, and Premier and their eCommerce plans: Basic, Professional, and Premier are customized to give these businesses convenience when launching online.

  • Feature-rich and affordable shared hosting and eCommerce plans
  • Intuitive analytics tools available on desktop and mobile
  • Interactive web builders and professionally designed templates
  • A plethora of eCommerce tools
  • Easy-to-use and interactive control panel
  • Lacks dedicated, VPS, and managed WordPress hosting plans
  • WordPress Installation only available on premier and Advanced Plans
  • Poor customers support and long wait lines
  • Cannot competently accommodate traffic spikes
  • Works only with Linux/Unix operating system. No Windows OS
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  1. Reply
    Marcus May 11, 2019 at 4:28 am

    In 2002 I started using Yahoo for web hosting. They sold the business to Aabaco and something has gone horrifically wrong. Don’t take my word for it though. Look up their tech support number and call it. I won’t list the number, because it might seem like a prank. Call the number and leave it on speaker phone. You’ll be on hold for hours. I’ve called twice in the past two weeks. 75 minutes on one call and 90+ minutes on the second. I never spoke to anyone. Just hold music and an occasional recording saying to to go to a URL and use the chat feature. The chat feature is just as worthless as their phone support – you’ll get a connecting screen that sits there forever. I opened a ticket over two weeks ago and no one has responded. Today I moved my business.

  2. Reply
    Eva August 19, 2017 at 4:47 am

    “I’ve used 5 or 6 web hosting service providers over the last 7 years, including Livemnc and many of the popular dedicated server hosting providers.

    The one I keep coming back to is LiveMNC.com, where I currently host more than ten domains with 3 dedicated servers. It’s a great host for sites with low to medium traffic and everything you want is easy to set up. I’ve been impressed with their uptime and their tech support department is extremely responsive and helpful if there’s ever an issue.”

    My 7 to 8 years support/sales experience is good with both web hosting campanes :-

    1) http://www.livemnc.com/
    2) http://aabaco.com

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