Pinnacle Cart Review: The Best All-in-One Shopping Cart Platform

Starting an online store requires a lot of effort, and looking for the best eCommerce platform is a painstaking process. But don’t worry because we’ve got the perfect eCommerce solution for you!

Ever heard about Pinnacle Cart? If you still haven’t, you’re surely missing a lot because it’s said to be one, if not the best all-in-one shopping cart platform available in the market. The software is so flexible that it can be used for a wide range of online stores, both big and small.

Pinnacle Cart was founded by Internet pros who were evidently unsatisfied with existing online shopping carts. Pinnacle Cart has been around since 2003 and has evolved into an elegant system that provides solutions to questions even before they’re asked, as well as the necessary tools for all your eCommerce needs.

This shopping cart system was made with results in mind. Pinnacle Cart’s motto, “Making eCommerce work”, isn’t just some cheesy one-liner. It’s the foundation on which this eCommerce solution has been built, measuring its success not from ease of use or the number of features available, or the increase in revenue; rather, it’s from the results their clients are obtaining, making Pinnacle Cart more of a pleasant experience than a tedious task.

So what are its features and how can you benefit from it? Let’s take a closer look…

Why Choose Pinnacle Cart?

The first and most obvious advantage to using this eCommerce software is the fact that it lives up to its promise of being user-friendly. While this was true in previous versions, this fact has become even more emphasized with the release of the latest version. When we say this platform is easy to use, we mean for everyone, be it programmers, optimizers or newbies. From the moment you sign up for an account, you’re given guidance in such an intuitive manner that you’re more than likely to complete your storefront setup in just minutes! Other shopping cart systems with similarly powerful backends are often notoriously complex, if not downright intimidating. Pinnacle Cart, on the other hand, sets a tone for user experience that’s consistent from their web design to the publishing of your online store. Every step leads to the next with an elegance that’s refreshing and welcoming.

Pinnacle Cart is fully customizable, with a number of cutting-edge features that are designed to help boost your sales. It can be used to power anything from a small business to a huge online superstore. It provides you with everything you need to deal with orders, stock, and customer relationship management. It also provides a wide array of easy-to-use design features that allow you to fully customize your store’s design even without the need to get involved with the code. It’s great because it lets anyone create an impressive-looking store.

If you have little to no programming experience, Pinnacle Cart has more than 30 pre-designed templates, plus tools to help you customize your website. If you have programming experience, you can use CSS/XHTML tableless design or W3C/XHTML compliant templates. If you already have an eCommerce web design, you can integrate it with this software so you don’t have to start from scratch. Pinnacle Cart’s template structure means that the changes you make are instantly reflected across the whole store, allowing you to easily see what has been affected.

Concerning the SEO value of this system, you don’t need to worry about your product or category links filled with query strings. The ability to customize your page links is standard, allowing you to set up your website the way you want it. It also has the ability to add your meta titles and descriptions to every page. You can even auto-generate your product meta descriptions from the product descriptions which is a real time-saver.

What’s even better is that you’re offered the ability to set up naming schemes for products and category links, as well as generating ALT tags from image names. This is an effective way to provide all your imported products with search engine friendly links. What’s particularly useful is that you can change your URLs to match your old online store’s links. To top it off, you have the added capability of editing your robots.txt file and adding ALT attributes to images and you have a company that focuses both on the bigger picture and the finer details of online visibility.

To help you understand your sales figures and customers, Pinnacle Cart provides several different analytics tools. Some of these tools integrate with Google tools to allow you to see which keywords are driving traffic to your store. This lets you know where you should spend your advertising money to maximize traffic to your website. There are also plenty of other useful information on offer which can help you plan your advertising campaigns effectively.

One particular factor that we haven’t anticipated in major shopping carts is the option to have social media network integration. With Pinnacle Cart, you can reach new customers by taking advantage of the Facebook storefront tools. These will automatically add a ‘Shop’ tab to a Facebook profile so that you can sell your products directly from it. Pinnacle Cart allows you to add not only Facebook counters to your online store, but also plays well with other social media platforms like Twitter, Digg, and Google Buzz, providing you with an avenue to promote your goods by marketing them to wide and ever-expanding networks.

Customer Support

Pinnacle Cart doesn’t offer 24/7 tech support for their customers but it’s still regarded as providing some of the best customer support in the industry. You can contact them via telephone, which is available from 5AM to 11PM Pacific Time during weekdays, and 9AM to 6PM Pacific Time on weekends. Pinnacle Cart assigns every customer a personal client concierge when they sign up. This personal client concierge serves as a direct contact for questions or problems, and is available by phone and e-mail.

The e-mail help system is one of the best, and they are noted as having the shortest response time for customer support tickets. To keep relationships with their clients healthy, Pinnacle Client also offers a live chat system so that they can get in touch directly. This can be accessed from anywhere on your store and allows you or one of your staff to offer advice in real time. This kind of interaction can help boost sales in online stores.

Pinnacle Cart is a straightforward and user-friendly shopping cart software, but there are support options available if you have problems with it. A knowledgebase on the homepage provides informative articles on the application, along with some useful FAQs. You’ll also find video tutorials, a client gallery, and a user manual on the website.


Pinnacle Cart has an excellent range of features on some very reasonable price plans. These price plans suit pockets of any depth and it’s easy to upgrade as your store grows. Each plan lets you have unlimited number of products in your store so you’re only limited by the hosting space you get. Their plans start from $30 per month, and users are eligible for a discount. Pinnacle Cart also offers free migration service.

On top of all of these, Pinnacle Cart also offers a free, no commitment trial so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

Bottom Line

Pinnacle Cart is an established eCommerce platform that has solid overall features and an affordable pricing structure. It offers professional web design, a user-friendly interface, powerful management features, and excellent marketing tools.

Everything is easy to use, and it’s incredibly simple to set up an online store without having to think about the technical side of how things work. For this reason, we give Pinnacle Cart a solid five-star rating, and is very highly in our top ten list of the best eCommerce and shopping cart software available.

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