How to Submit Your Hosting Company

Why Create a Website?

In the advent of the online industry, websites had become a major source of income and a way of expounding the advertisement for your products and services. It has become a good venue for making yourself known to the entire world in a less expensive manner. Being on the internet is a much more permanent space that will invite a wider scope of possible clients as it is seen worldwide as compared to the actual advertisements on other forms of media such as:

• Television
• Radio
• Newspaper/magazines
• And the like

Site Creation

The very first thing that you need to do is to create your proposed website. With the emergence of a lot of web hosting companies nowadays, you will have the option to create your online pages under the hosting provider of your choice. This hosting provider will be the one to help you out with the step by step construction of your page. It will aid you in getting your site ready to be published online. Once you are already done editing your contents and its outlines, you can directly have it viewed by the people on the World Wide Web in no time by just clicking on the publish button that is seen on your web hosting provider’s construction page.

Submitting your Site

There are many ways of doing this with your hosting company. This will depend on the site in which you are planning to have your work submitted. The process will involve submitting the profile of your company and agreeing to the terms of the site in which you are presenting your work. For example with Google, you can do this by going to You will need to enter the URL of your website’s homepage in a designated box and you will also be asked to add comments or notes about your site if you have. After the process, Google will include your site on the Googlebot craw list which will readily incorporate your pages in its search results. This works similarly with other sites and will give you the upper hand of being better seen online.

Improving Your Site’s Ability to be Searched

Aside from the actual submission of your hosting company to reliable sites and directories, it is best to also heighten your pages’ ability to be individually read. This can be done through many techniques that you can employ. Here are ways of getting a better feedback for your site in the virtual world:

• Make good keywords and titles– by good keywords and titles, it means that you should be able to formulate and utilize titles that are mostly searched by regular online surfers. This will add to its probability of being searched even better. Keywords, especially those that are set as meta tags, should also be something that is commonly asked about or typed in on the search bars of online engines such as Bing, Google, or Yahoo!

• Create interesting contents– Aside from the keywords, you should also be able to formulate real quality contents. The set meta tags and titles will just be a means of getting your audience’s attention. What will keep them reading through your page and even coming back again and again is the kind of details that you put in on your site. If they will find it interesting enough to spend an ample amount of their time, then your page will be better recognized.

• Have a theme– by having a theme, it means that you should be able to achieve a feel for your site. Your contents should coincide with each other and should not appear cluttered. At the moment your online visitors get hold of your page, they will eventually become critics in their own ways. Having a theme will make your site appear more professional and coherent.

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