VPS hosting vs dedicated server

How much does VPS hosting differ with Dedicated Server hosting?

Although it is well advertised that VPS hosting is an inter-marriage between Dedicated Server hosting and Shared Server hosting and as such shares a lot of the characteristics of both hosting services, it can never be denied that VPS, in fact, differs in many aspects compared to Dedicated Server hosting. One glaring difference is that while Dedicated Server hosting has the whole physical server dedicated for one client alone, VPS allows a number of servers to reside on one physical computer, albeit each one independent from each other. Another glaring difference between the two is that while the server of a Dedicated Hosting service actually exists physically, servers of VPS hosting services are software generated and defined and as such do not actually exist, hence the name virtual. Third major difference between the two is that most Dedicated server resources are limited to the actual physical resource of the server while resources of VPS hosting are software defined and can be easily scaled up or down without the need of costly upgrades.
And lastly, another glaring difference between VPS and Dedicated Server hosting is its hosting cost. Although VPS works like a Dedicated Server in terms of control and independence, it costs much like Shared hosting solution and as such a lot cheaper compared to Dedicated Server hosting services.

What are the advantages of VPS hosting?

Sharing the characteristics of two of the most popular and efficient hosting services in the market means that VPS hosting also shares the benefits brought by the two hosting solutions. This is among the reasons why clients and jumping the wagon and choose to host their websites with VPS hosting services. Among these advantages are:

  •  One, VPS hosting is definitely more reliable and more stable compared to shared hosting solutions. This is because each website is hosted in its own private server, giving it freedom and independence to have the resources allocated for his use only. This greatly reduces, if not eliminates, the chances of the server being crashed and swamped with requests for resources;
  •  Two, VPS hosting is known to be cost effective, allowing resource-conscious and small-sized websites to experience the control, power and independence of dedicated hosting at a cost of a shared hosting solution;
  •  Three, VPS clients have more control and full root access of their server which means are allowed to do almost anything they want to do with their server, including the decision over the operating system platform and the applications they wish to install.
  •  Fourth, VPS hosting is more flexible and easily scalable, giving clients the deciding power on RAM, disk space and bandwidth upgrades without the need for costly upgrades.
  •  And fifth, VPS is better protected against security issues and other malicious activities from other servers. This is because each server is completely independent from each other. Aside from this, the client manages his own server, meaning he has the control over what activity he allows in his server.

What are the advantages of dedicated hosting?

Aside from providing its clients with a powerful and secure web hosting solutions, dedicated hosting also brings a lot of other benefits to their clients. Among these benefits are:

  •  Dedicated hosting assures higher uptime percentage. This is because of better redundancy programs for its power and bandwidth plus a staff of trained personnel to ensure a 99% uptime guarantee.
  •  It definitely performs better compared to its counterparts since all the server’s resources are dedicated for a single client only.
  •  It is more reliable because the server’s total resources and capabilities are dedicated to serve the needs of a single server only, without anybody having to share these resources with greatly reduces, if not eliminates the risk of the server being congested, slowed down and swamped with requests from other websites or applications.
  • Dedicated hosting is more secured compared to its counterparts. The reason for this is that nobody else has access to the server and its files but client means there is no need to worry about other client’s website bringing malicious software and viruses into the server .
  •  Clients are granted unlimited Administrative Access, allowing the client to customize program configurations and install necessary programs
  •  Lastly, it is flexible as clients can customize the server configuration according to the website’s needs and wants without the need to worry about affecting other sites.

Which is better, VPS hosting or Dedicated hosting?

The answer to the question which is better between could be very difficult as the answer actually depends upon the purpose and the requirements of the website. The rule is that the best hosting solution for any website would be the one that best provides and meets the website’s needs within a reasonable budget.
However, this could help serve as your guide: Dedicated hosting could be more expensive but could give you more resources and power, on the other hand, VPS hosting could provide you with the same control provided by dedicated hosting but with a lesser performance and, fortunately, at a lesser cost.

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