Is VPS hosting right for my needs?

How should I know which hosting service is right for my website?

Knowing which hosting service is right for any website is a task that needs thorough attention. This is because being able to choose the right hosting service is synonymous to the success of the website. It is important to note that not all hosting services are suitable for a website as there are factors that need to be considered.
The right hosting service should be the one that is able to provide for all the needs of the website, at no extra cost. This means that the hosting service should be able to meet the needs and requirements of the website so that the website can perform fully and serve the purpose that it is designed to serve at a cost that is reasonable. Basically, it is not good for the website even if it functions superbly but is a drain for the financial resources of the website administrator as this is bad for business. If this happens, you could be counting the days when the website will cease to exist. On the other hand, it is also not good for the website even if the cost of hosting is so cheap and affordable but is not able to serve the purpose why it is created because of limitations and sub-par performance. As such, the right hosting should be a balance between optimal performance and reasonable cost.

What should I need to consider when choosing a hosting service?

As mentioned earlier, choosing the right hosting service is a task that needs thorough attention. Attention to detail as to which type of hosting service and the features that it offers is vital in choosing a hosting service. To help guide you in the task of choosing the right hosting service, here are a few tips on what you need to consider:

  •  First and foremost, know your website well, i.e., the purpose why you created it, what are its needs and requirements and what special features would your website need are a few of the details which you should fully understand.
  •  Next, consider the types of hosting services available. Among them are:
  •  Shared Hosting – affordable and is recommended for small websites and well as blog sites.
  •  Dedicated Server Hosting – More expensive than shared server hosting but offers more power and reliability and are recommended for websites that require complex needs.
  •  VPS hosting – shares the characteristics of shared and dedicated hosting; cheaper than dedicated hosting but is definitely more expensive that shared hosting.
  •  Cloud hosting – more versatile, flexible, scalable and reliable than Dedicated and shared hosting solutions and costs somewhere in between.

 Consider the features that hosting packages offer, which includes:

  •  Storage Capacity;
  •  RAM;
  •  CPU power;
  •  Bandwidth;
  •  Security;
  •  Email accounts;
  •  Customer support; and
  •  Databases

What are the pros and cons of VPS hosting?

VPS hosting or Virtual Private Server hosting is a hosting solution which shares the characteristics of both Shared and Dedicated hosting services. As a hosting service that falls between the two, VPS offers the good of both hosting services. To help give you an insight of what is good and what is not good about VPS hosting, below is the list of its pros and cons.
Among the pros of VPS hosting are:

  •  It is considerably cheaper than Dedicated Server hosting.
  •  It offers more freedom and control compared to shared server hosting.
  •  It offers better security and reliability compared to shared server hosting.
  •  It is easily scalable which means that you can easily manage the growth of your website.
  •  It is easily customizable, like that of dedicated servers. Often, being software defined makes VPS hosting more customizable than Dedicated hosting without the need for costly upgrades.
  •  It works and functions like a Dedicated Server at a cost comparable to that of Shared servers.

The known cons of VPS are:

  •  Though considerably cheaper than dedicated hosting, it is still more expensive than shared hosting.
  •  Though each server is independent from each other, there are still issues concerning resource allocations. This is because of the fact of the number of virtual servers sharing physical resources of one machine. Often this translates into ISP’s offering unlimited features that are not really that “unlimited”.
  •  VPS clients need to have a considerable know-how on server administration and management as well as of other technical concerns.
  •  Clients of basic VPS hosting services are responsible for the administration and management of their servers which divides their time and attention between server management and website management.

Is VPS hosting right for my website?

VPS hosting is highly recommended and is a right fit for websites that needs the freedom, power and control over their servers but are either budget conscious or are not yet ready to invest a considerable sum for the cost of having a server of their own. Simply put, if your website’s need for resources is not too big and complex and you simply want to have a space and a server of your own where you stay on top of everything at a cost that is both affordable and reasonable, then VPS hosting is a right fit for your website.

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