Freelancing: 3 Sure-Fire Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated When You’re Running Low

As a freelancer, self-discipline is a vital characteristic that you need to maintain or cultivate. Granted that you have the benefits of a flexible schedule, it’s essential for you to be firm in your daily dealings to keep your business going smoothly. Therefore, maintaining high motivation is imperative.

But, human as we are, there are certain days when we’re feeling down. Sometimes, it’s easy to lose heart when you’re not getting by with freelancing, or when it didn’t meet your expectation of flexibility. That’s why it’s vital for you to know what serves as motivation for freelancers like yourself.

Here, we’ll share with you a few solutions that you could apply whenever you’re feeling low on battery.



Remind Yourself Why You Chose to be a Freelancer

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Whenever you remind yourself what it was that drew you into the freelancing community, you’d be grateful that you got into where you are now even if things are a little tough. Usually, freelancers got here because they want more control over their time and more freedom over their choice of projects or tasks.

That said, it’s easy to fall victim to the trap of not following up with the client on time. It could be something to do with time management or simply just a lack of motivation. If it’s the latter, then you have to accept the fact that the amount of money you earn is entirely determined by the amount of time and hard work you’re willing to put in.

As a freelancer, high productivity is the key to success. Not only does that affect your revenue, it also affects your reputation and integrity among other freelancers. A good reputation of completing projects on time with quality will translate into more offers from clients. This simply means that you’ll have more flexibility in choosing those who you’d really like to work with!

As a freelancer, you’ll no doubt have to start off from the bottom, which means that you may not get a lot of project offers at first, so you’re unable to make a decent living at the initial stage. Well, one way to keep yourself motivated is to keep on reminding yourself that eventually, your hard work will pay off in terms of getting more and better offers.


Keep the Fire Burning

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It’s easy to lose your creativity once you find yourself shackled with deadlines. Whenever you focus on completing a project within a short timeframe, you become more concerned about getting the job done instead of doing it creatively or aesthetically. This leaves little room for indulging in your passion for freelancing.

Keep the flame of passion burning or it will eventually die off! Losing your motivation? This could be the culprit. Spend some time looking up for inspirational designs related to your area of interest. Visit art museums or galleries. Draw something for fun. As long as you’re doing your art not for your work, but for the sake of fun, you’ll keep the fire in you burning. It’s easy to extinguish it when you’re working day-in and day-out on your projects because you’ll associate the stresses with it.

You see, work can build a love-hate relationship between you and your passion. You’re passionate about your work, but at the same time, you dislike how your livelihood is now dependent on your passion. It’s no longer fun and exciting when there’s a huge responsibility laid on what had always been your hobby or favorite pastime.

The thing is, you shouldn’t turn your passion into work alone. You’ll still need to place some of your time to feed your passion outside of work. Some individuals can enjoy their work no matter how daunting it may be, but for most people, they still have to make some time outside work in order to be inspired. Work is work – the demands are there to take away the fun from the equation.


Use Flexibility to Your Advantage!

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The great thing about being a freelancer is that it enables you to make your own call. You can go for meals, take breaks or even leave your workplace whenever you want. Not many other jobs offer this kind of flexibility. However, you might be tempted to procrastinate when nobody but you yourself is looking after your work.

To avoid those temptations and stay motivated, you can give yourself appropriate time to rest. Just as fitness experts would advise people to take small, frequent meals instead of the standard three full meals to curb their cravings for unhealthy foods, you should give yourself many small breaks while working on a project. That way, you won’t overwhelm yourself with handling all the work in one long stretch and end up taking the rest of the day off from your work.

Apart from keeping yourself motivated this way, taking frequent breaks would also start you off refreshed every time you return to your work. In fact, psychologists have found that you can absorb and remember the things you’re working on the most when you just started to work on it. It’s called the “primary effect”.

So, if you’re taking frequent, short breaks, you’ll perform better each time you get back to work. This translates to better work performance and mood for the entire project at hand, which then serves as a good motivation to keep up the good work.

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