Effectively Promote your Business by Using Twitter

Out of so many social media, Twitter has proven its worth in the online world. As a matter of fact, twitter has become one of the most valuable and useful social media used in business matters. You might be wondering of its possibility since Twitter posts or tweet are only limited to 140 characters. Despite the fact that people find it hard to entirely say what they mean in just 140 characters, Twitter’s unique microblogging platform provides better means of sharing and spreading your business matters compared to others microblogging sites like Tumblr.click-to-tweet

Why Twitter?

You might be asking yourself, among all other social media, why do you have to choose Twitter? What makes twitter different from the rest? And lastly, what is Twitter’s advantage over other social media? These questions will and should automatically pop out of your head if you are trying to plan a successful online promotional website for your business.

Here are some Twitters advantages that you should definitely take note of. This will surely ignite the spark that you will be needing for your business promotion:

Every one of your tweet will surely be read by your followers.

We have watched the movie ‘The Chef’ where the famous chef Carl Casper accidentally started an online feud with another famous icon in the world of food and restaurant. He sent a tweet to the famous food and restaurant critic Ramsey Michel, thinking that he was sending a private message. And of course, and thus, the online 140-character warfare began. And yes, Michel’s followers – spanning for over ten thousand, were able to ready Carl Casper tweets.

If you want to get a word out, indeed, you can count on Twitter to do that. Twitter will surely deliver. Your tweet will surely be read by your hundreds and thousands of followers.

You can tweet any type of files (photos, audio, and videos), and build a conversation around it.

Let’s take the same movie as an example, Carl Casper’s son named Percy were uploading videos and photos on Carl’s Twitter account. This definitely helped in the documentation that became some sort of advertising for Carl Casper’s touring food truck. Just do not forget to use the right and appropriate hashtags that could be the next online sensation.

You have the chance to follow prospective clients and even competitors.

If you wanted to follow some of your future clients, it will be easy to contact them if ever you have to do business with them. The follower/following scheme of Twitter is very efficient since you will have an endless number of Twitter users that you can follow.

Following other people or your competitors could also be a useful strategy in keeping yourself updated with whatever is going on at the other side of the lawn. This way, you will never get left behind. You will have the desire to always monitor and try to look for ways to compete with other businesses or establishments that you consider as a threat to your own business.

You can autopilot your tweets.

This unique Twitter feature is definitely deemed useful. If you want to keep yourself visible in the newsfeeds of your followers, it is important to keep on tweeting regularly. Do not hesitate to pitch in even those short good mornings to your followers. This will give your followers the assumption that the account is active and is managed perfectly well.

You can share your old WordPress posts in Twitter.

If you feel like sharing your WordPress posts that were published a few months or years ago in Twitter, then feel free to do so. This will give your followers a chance to read your previous blogs and see your previous products that they might find interesting. What a good way to have a blast from the past!

Business Brand on Twitter


Of course, you will always want your twitter account or brand to be consistent with the nature of your business. This means that you have to opt the right and appropriate logo, font style, size and color, username, and everything that will affect your branding. Branding should be given importance as how much you give importance to your content.


Surely, you will want your username to be the name of your brand. Make sure that your username will sound as professional as possible. The key idea here is to keep your username as simple as possible. This will not give your followers and future clients an eyesore when it comes to reading your Twitter username.

In case the username you are opting for is already taken, then try to be more specific about your business. Try using a general-to-specific or reverse approach in choosing your username. For example, if you are trying to make a Twitter business account for your cupcake business, you could try on using the general-to-specific approach by using @CupcakesByBetty. On the other hand, you can use @BettyCupcakes for the specific-to-general approach. If those usernames are still in use, you could start to mention your location in your username like @BettyCupcakesDC.

Profile Images

In order to complete your business profile, you will have to provide two images for your profile. One is for your profile photo and the other one will be for your header photo.

Your profile photo is the one that is confined in a small square at the far left side of your profile. This will be the image that will be displayed next to your posted tweet. If you want your photo as your representative for your business, the best type of shot will be a semi-close up that will clearly show your face and your friendly smile that will hopefully entice other people to follow your business profile. However, you also have another option of using your business’ logo as your profile picture in Twitter. Just make sure that the dimensions will perfectly fit in that square box so that your logo will not appear cropped.

For your header photo, this will serve as the background photo. Your follower will only see your header photo if they visit your Twitter profile. Again, this should go in synch with your profile picture, as well as your branding.

Finishing your Profile

Always remember that the more information about your or your business, the better. Why? For the obvious reason that your potential clients will be able to learn more or get enough information about you and your business. This information written in your Twitter profile will be the basis of their first impression towards you.

  1. Location – Your current address. Yes, forget about your previous town/s. The important thing is where could your business be found? If you are running a bakery, where is your shop located? If you are currently living in the city, how could they find you to avail of your tutorial services? Where is your office located? These questions are the very basic questions that should not be left blank in your Twitter profile.
  2. Website – If you happen to have a separate website for your business, do not hesitate to include it in your profile. This will give your followers the chance to visit your website and know more about what you do and your products. Thus, this will make them read previous comments from satisfied customers that will assure them of the quality of your products and services.
  3. Bio – This will give your followers an idea of what you do regularly. Some sort of introduction to yourself towards the endless possibility of future clients. This is highly important since this will tell your clients a lot about your personality.

Follow/Following Relationship


Although you are allowed to follow anyone or any account you like in Twitter, this does not mean that you should. Again, bear in mind that you are trying to run a business account which means you should be professional, no matter what. In other words, do not just start following people randomly. Only follow the people that you know in person, as well as businesses that you think will be important in future references. The choices of people or accounts that you could follow vary from your future customers and clients, your current customers and clients, the people you work with, suppliers and vendors that you consider important, and other professional account of people who are also in the same field of business as you are.

However, a little warning about being aggressive on following a hundred of Twitter accounts just to get other users’ attention and hope for them to follow back. Some people seem to follow a lot of accounts and then immediately unfollow the moment that other users follow them back. This aggressive following can harm your account. Although twitter does not limit you as to how many accounts you could follow, Twitter monitors aggressive following habits. This may result to account suspension.

Professional Tweets

Since you are opting for a business Twitter account, make sure that everything that you tweet will sound professional. Do not forget that all of your followers will be able to ready your tweet. Thus, limit your tweets to those of relevance to your business. If you are running a business Twitter account for your cupcake shop, make sure that your posts will either be related to your business.

Of course, you will always tweet about product promotions or advertisements, however, you need to provide a better tweet that will maintain the same level of attention that your followers will be giving to your Twitter profile. More often than not, your followers will try to skip reading your tweets if your will not change your approach. It is important to provide them a tweet that will also entice them to read. For example, if you own a cupcake business in DC, do not just tweet about your upcoming Independence Day Sale. Try to incorporate a connection between Independence Day and your cupcake business. Moreover, you can also try to give out trivia in your tweets that will make your followers feel interested to read.

A Tweet’s Anatomy


A tweet is made up of 140 characters. It could either be a simple text or a link. Moreover. Your tweet could also contain images and videos.

1. Reply – If you click this button, this will allow you to send a tweet back to the original account who posted the tweet. Do not forget that this tweet will be public which means the people who are following your account and his or her account will be able to read your public conversation. This thread will be shown on both accounts’ mention page.

2. Retweet – This will allow you to repost or tweet someone else’s tweet to your own followers. Nothing will I the original tweet will be altered and will be registered or counted in the retweet counter.

3. Mention – This happens if you want to include other accounts in your tweet. You can mention another account my simply adding the @ symbol before typing the other person or other business’ username. If you will mention other people other accounts in your tweet they will receive a notification with this activity. Thus, you can say that this is also a good technique to catch your followers’ attention and entice them to engage in your profile as well as tweets.

4. Favorite – Just click on the button that has a star bellow of the tweet and next to the retweet button. This will automatically add the account’s tweet in the list of your favorites. Twitter will also notify if some of your followers clicked the favorite button in one of your tweets. Same also happens if you try to favorite someone else’s tweets.


Direct Message – If you are opting to send a more private and personal message to one of your followers, make sure to use this Twitter feature. Take note that you can only send direct messages to the people who follow you. Sending people direct messages on twitter will be a better way to catch their attention since almost all people on Twitter would prefer to post tweets rather than send direct messages.

Indeed, Twitter is a very powerful tool you could use in promoting your product and services by making a special brand online and providing a wide target of people you could communicate and share your business with. Therefore, all you have to do is to work on a strategy that will utilize this social media to make your Business Account more successful and gain more legit followers.

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