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What is an eCommerce tool?

Electronic commerce or eCommerce is an industry where the buying and selling of products and services are conducted online or over an electronic system. It includes mobile commerce, electronic funds transfer, supply chain management among others. It is generally considered as the sales aspect of the e-business. It also includes the exchange of data in order to facilitate the payments aspects and financing of the business transaction done through the World Wide Web.

An eCommerce tool is a software or a computer program that is used to facilitate eCommerce. These tools usually support and offer payment gateways and accepts online payments such as from DirecPay, Skrill, Paypal, and Google Checkout. In general, an eCommerce tool enables and makes possible the exchange of goods and services through the internet.

Does WebHostingHub support eCommerce tools?

WebHostingHub has included a number of eCommerce tools as a standard feature in their hosting package. These eCommerce tools are among those that are most commonly used and are favoured by most online businesses because of the relative ease of operation, efficiency and security. These tools include the PrestaShop, the OpenCart and Magento.

What are the basic features and use of WebHostingHub’s eCommerce tools?

Each of the three eCommerce tools offered by WebHostingHub is packed with rich and powerful features that clients can use in building their very own online stores. Let us take into consideration each and every eCommerce tool offered by WebHostingHub.

  •  PrestaShop is an open source and free e-commerce application which is easy to customize to suit your needs. It has more than 300 features and has tons of themes that can be chosen and used to create an online store. These are its basic features:
  •  It is search engine friendly where you can create customer URL’s, setup Google map and put keywords and tags over your products for Search Engine Optimization. These can easily be done by just using the PrestaShop interface.
  •  It boasts a lot of dynamic features.
  •  It has easy payment integration which makes use of multiple payment options that allows the shop owner to accept payments through credit cards, checks or wire transfers. You can also opt to accept payment through Authorize.Net which is already integrated in the application.
  •  It can be used in any part of the as it has community members from over 150 countries. This simply means that you can conduct business in any member country which PrestaShop supports.
  •  It is free and is already included in the package and could be easily installed using the 1-Click Installation manager which basically means that it comes easy to install, update and even delete installations of your online store.
  •  OpenCart is another open source shopping cart application that is very useful for online stores. It is packed with powerful and rich features yet is considered by many as one of the most user-friendly. It sports a very appealing visual interface that often makes online transactions fun and enjoyable. The following are the features of OpenCart:
  •  It is search engine friendly.
  •  It is easy to use.
  •  It has unlimited categories and supports a large number of products and manufacturers.
  •  It supports a wide variety and number of currencies around the world.
  •  It can be used anywhere in the world and can be setup using multiple languages.
  •  It has features that allow product reviews and ratings.
  •  It allows automatic resizing of images for ease in product presentation.
  •  It is open source and free but comes with free documentation, making it easier to use.
  •  It has a wide array of payment gateways including:
  •  PayPal;
  •  Nochex;
  •  Google Checkout;
  •  Authorize.Net;
  •  WorldPay;
  •  CCAvenue;
  •  PayPoint;
  •  eWay
  •  2CheckOut
  •  Chronopay; among others.
  •  It also supports a large number of shipping methods, including:
  •  UPS;
  •  Australia Post;
  •  Royal Mail; and
  •  ParcelForce; among others.
  •  It can easily be installed using 1-Click Install and comes with a 24/7/365 friendly support should it be needed.
  •  Magento is another open source e-commerce application that offers more flexible and scalable eCommerce solutions. It is a cost-effective platform that should be able to help you grow and succeed in your online business by enabling you to control content, look, feel and functionality of your online store. Among its features include:
  •  Unlimited Diskspace, Bandwidth and websites;
  •  Free Domain Registration, Domain Transfer, Blogging software and Premium Website Builder;
  •  User-friendly and easy to use cPanel;
  •  90-day money back guarantee;
  •  24/7/365 U.S. based Technical Support;
  •  Unlimited MySQL database and Email Addresses;
  •  SPAM protection;
  •  Secure POP3/IMAP/SMTP Email;
  •  Email forwarding;
  •  Mobile Device compatible; and
  •  Auto-Responders

What are the advantages of using eCommerce tools?

The following are the known advantages of using eCommerce tools in your online business:

  •  It is time saving as you do not need to spend time to go to the actual physical store.
  •  It allows consumers to have access to a wider range of products in a shorter span of time.
  •  Small businesses can relatively mix and compete with larger businesses.
  •  You can have your store open 24/7/365, without the need to pay for a large number of staff to man your store 24/7.
  •  It is easier to advertise your business.
  •  You can market your products virtually anywhere, as long as it is supported by your ecommerce tool.

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