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WordPress is considered as one of the most widely used websites in the world. It is you will need a little familiarity with web hosting. Web hosting services that offer blog software support are more suitable for this purpose.When selectinga web hosting service provider for WordPress, you should choose a web host that is both reliable and compatible with WordPress. WebHostingHub has both of these characteristics. WebHostingHub is also one of the service providers who have blog software support, making it an excellent choice for WordPress users.

What are the advantages of using WordPress?

There are many reasons why most people prefer using WordPress as personal blogs, online shopping sites, business sites, and etc. Some of the reasons include the following:

  •  Contains different and customizable themes
  •  Contains customizable plugins and widgets
  •  Easy to use text editor
  •  Easy optimization for different search engines
  •  Includes SEO features with various plugins

How can I set up my WordPress blog using WebHostingHub?

WebHostingHub can provide you with both blog domain and web hosting service. They have a relatively easy process of setting up your website. If you are setting up a blogging website, WebHostingHub is an ideal service provider for you not only for its easy set up procedure but also because it specializes on blogging websites. To set up your blog site, you have to do the following steps:

  •  Go to the following web site: www.webhostinghub.com.
  •  Click Get Started to start the registration of your domain and hosting.
  •  Select a domain and check its availability. If you already have an existing domain, type it in the box and click “Next Step”.
  •  If the domain you selected is available, tick the “Register Domain” box corresponding to your chosen domain. You can also tick the “WHOIS Privacy” option if you wish to hide from the public the identity of the person behind the domain name.
  •  Fill out the form with your personal details including your name, telephone number, address, credit card details and etc. If you live outside US, make sure you include your area code.
  •  If you do not want any Package Options, just tick “No Thanks”.
  •  When you are done, click “Submit Order”.
  •  After completing the domain registration and verifying your hosting account, an email regarding set up tutorials and Account Management Portal log in data will be directed to you.
  •  Install WordPress to your domain using the AMP. To do that, just make a new username and password. After that, log in.
  •  After logging in, you will see “AMP Home” and then you can start installing your blog.
  •  You will see “Tools and Resources”. Under that, click “Create a new website” and select “WordPress  oftware”. After that, you will be directed to a page with a list of various websites/blog sites which you will choose from.
  •  Choose a website/blog site.
  •  Fill in the necessary details about your new blog site such as site name, site description, and etc.
  •  Under the “Admin Account”, fill in your desired admin username and password. Do not forget to use a strong password and a customized admin username to avoid unnecessary issues. Lastly, type the email address that you will use with your blog site.
  • If you encounter any problem, contact their customer service for help. They can also guide you step-by-step in the blog installation through live chat or telephone.

Can I transfer a website and its domain to another web host?

WebHostingHub can also help you to easily transfer an entire website, as well as its domain, to another web host. Transferring your blog to WebHostingHub is easy and will only take minutes. To do this, you can contact a member of their technical support team to guide you in the procedure.

Why should I choose WebHostingHub as my service provider?

WebHostingHub offers many features that make it a reliable web hosting service provider. While some web hosting providers also offer similar features as that of the WebHostingHub’s, this web host is more appropriate to use in terms of integrating blog sites. Their customer assistance is also very dependable.

Another distinctive element of WebHostingHub is their use of the script installer called Softaculous. This installer aids in efficiently installing various scripts. To create a WordPress site, you will have to look at the existing blogging scripts and find WordPress. You can make your WordPress website in just a matter of minutes. When using Softaculous, you can also install other scripts like forums, survey and poll makers and others.

When you want an excellent web host for your WordPress site, you have to find a web host service that is compatible with WordPress. WebHostingHub is very adept when it comes to integration of blog sites. It already has the type of technology that is appropriate for integrating blog sites. They are currently utilizing the latest versions of scripting languages, site management systems and security systems, guaranteeing the safety of your websites. Their technical team is also experienced and will provide you instant remedy to any technical issue that you may have.

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