Does WebHostingHub Support Google Analytics?

WebHostingHub offers a variety of services apart from their usual task. One very useful tool that WebHostingHub offers is the Google Analytics. This application is completely supported by WebHostingHub along with integration of social media or networking sites.

What is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a site traffic monitoring device that lets you see how many users or visitors your site gets. It also shows how and where these users stroll through your website. It also evaluates particular information about the data collected.

In addition to its main uses, Google Analytics can also determine which among the website’s pages garnered the most visits or how frequent these pages are being shared to social networking sites. This application is improved and sustained by Google. This is also free-of-charge.

Google Analytics can track various visitors ranging from search bot to social networks. It also recognizes whether the visits are direct visits or only referred by other websites.

What are the features of Google Analytics?

Google Analytics helps in the development and maintenance of your website. In line with that, Google Analytics can analyse the data on your website and provide the following:

  •  Advertising and promotion performance
  •  Analysis and testing
  •  Audience traits and behaviour
  •  Data collection and management
  •  Product integration
  •  Sales and conversion
  •  Website and app performance

Why should I use Google Analytics?

Besides its useful features, Google Analytics has multiple of other reasons why one should use it. Google Analytics displays the completevisitors’ image through advertisements and promotional videos, websites and social media, devices and smartphones. Knowing your audience and their wants and needs is a key factor for the success of any website. One way to do that is by tracking your traffic statistics. Google Analytics can provide you that for free. Using Google Analytics in your website is a great way to keep track of your website’s audience and gain new ones.

What information about my audience does Google Analytics provides?

  •  It shows you who visits your website along with theirlocation,web browser used, screen resolution, language, and etc.
  •  It shows you what they do when they visit your website. Google Analytics lets you see what pages they are visiting, the duration of their stay in your site, the average of page views per user and etc.
  •  It shows you when users usually visit your website.
  •  It shows you where users discovered or found your website, if it was through a search bot, a link from another site, social networking sites, or a direct type-in. You can also see the summary of each traffic source.
  •  It shows you how users interrelate with your website.

What traffic metrics is included when you use a Google Analytics account?

  •  Traffic trends
  • The first item you will see on the dashboard is the graph of your website’s traffic trends. This graph provides an overview of the website’s trends over the past month. You can also change the parameter of time displayed.
  •  Visitor stats
  • Below the traffic trends graph, there is a website’s visitor count, including page views, page per visit, average duration of visit, percentage of new visits, and etc. These metrics give relevant information about your website’s development and performance. This is a very useful attribute that gives you the behaviour of the visitors on your website.
  •  Demographic information

The last item you will see on your dashboard is the list of data regarding your visitor’s demographics, languages, the web servers they use, the kind of system they use and how they view your website. These statistics are important as they give valued information with regards to your visitor’s preferences and how you should take that into consideration when updating or adding new items on your website.

Are there any limitations as to what Google Analytics can track?

Some extensions and ad filtering software can block the tracking code of Google Analytics. When that happens, some users and data are avoided and not tracked. This leads to inaccuracy in the analysis of the collected data. Other privacy networks also prevent some data from being tracked by concealing a user’s location. This leads to erroneous geographical information.

Users sometimes delete or block Google Analytics cookies. In doing so, the visits made by a user who deletes cookies are also removed from the Google Analytics data. This makes the data gathered incomplete and inaccurate. To prevent that, website owners can ask users to not restrict cookies.

Why is Google Analytics an important tool in a website?

For a website owner, having an understanding of the web traffic and information to their websites is very important. It gives them an idea on the condition of the website. Google Analytics is particularly important to online businesses. These industries utilize Google Analytics to determine whether their promotional efforts are paying off. Google Analytics gives the website owners an irreplaceable instrument to help them evaluate their website’s effectiveness.

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