Does WebHostingHub Offer Website Templates?

WebHostingHub is a quality web host provider, which also offers multiple services to make the website become popular as well as high ranking. One of the most crucial step in enhancing the popularity of the website is by making the website pages unique through a premium website builder. This website builder application is free to all individual and business owners that register with WebHostingHub.

WebHostingHub offers the most popular tools and builders to make the website pages not only easy to do but also to maintain. The website can be easily built from

  •  Scratch
  •  A Website Template

These websites are created with over 310 free applications as well as tools, scripts and builders. All of these free applications are easy to set up due to the one click installers so that the personal or business website is available as fast as possible. The reason for this is that WebHostingHub does not limit the number of website tools that the website owner will need to use. Thus, resulting to a unique or custom website that caters to the needs of the potential customer and the website owner.

Website Templates 

A number of generic website templates are easily found in the premium website builder so that the website is uploaded online faster. Some of the website themes most often use by popular website are available in the premium website builder. In order to make the website an individual design, these website templates are easily modified by adding personalised website contents.

There are over 500 website templates available on the website builder. These website templates are modified by changing the color scheme or headers, adding personalised logos, video or flash introductions. Some further ways to modify the website design from other new and established websites is by adding the personalised content through the use of a popular editing interface.

Code from Scratch 

One of the most difficult and time consuming website designs is through the use of website coding from scratch. Unfortunately, most of these websites from scratch designs take a lot of valuable time from the business owner. However, the business owner can choose to pay a website developer designer to make their websites.

However, not all of these developed websites can be used with various web host providers. This is because some website developer programs may not be considered as compatible to the operating system used by the web host provider. Fortunately, a majority of the website codes used by website developers are popular, which includes:

  •  Dreamweaver
  •  iWeb

These popular websites developing software can also be used by other web host providers since some website domains can be transferred from web host to web host. It is therefore more practical to ask if the operating system of the new web host provider is compatible to the codes of the existing website.


WordPress is one of the most popular web software to create blogs and custom websites since it is not only free but also easy to use. The ease of use of the software is due to the input of hundreds of programming volunteers. This is aside from the thousands of themes and plug-ins offered to programmers and website developers online.

WordPress is a publishing platform with sensible default settings and features so that customizing the content of the website page is a breeze. The optional plug-ins extend the practicality and efficiency of WordPress to its users, which makes its functionality almost limitless. Advanced programmers can modify the WordPress code further so that it can be used for commercial projects without paying additional licensing fees. These WordPress code modifications can be done at the expense of the business owner since the core program is free for download.

WordPress is perceived to be the most popular used publishing platform since almost ¼ of the global websites uses it for content management. Two-thirds of the top global websites make use of WordPress, which includes the NY Times and CNN. The reason for this is that WordPress is similar to the standard desktop publishing software. Therefore there is no need for the website owner to have coding experience or additional training.

WordPress has already been in existence for more than 8 years and therefore the interface has already been polished and refined. WordPress can check or review the spelling and grammar of the initial draft before it is published without using additional desktop software therefore, making it easier for website owners to publish content to popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Tumbler, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


One other popular web development platform for websites is Drupal due to the fact that it is seen to be an open source software resulting in no license, maintenance and purchase fees. Drupal is normally used by college and business websites such as Stanford University, World Economic Forum, and even

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