Does WebHostingHub Offer SEO Services?

Multiple services are offered by the web host provider, WebHostingHub. This includes helping the business owner to design their own web design aside from site maintenance, web hosting, business emails, and SEO services.
Web Design 

WebHostingHub provides numerous web design and maintenance packages to help both beginner and experienced website owners keep their website updated and popular to visitors. Depending on the targeted need of small and medium businesses, WebHostingHub offers various priced packages. Some of the most popular website owners are those that offer:

  •  Accounting
  •  Construction
  •  Retail
  •  medical/dental
  •  transportation/auto
  •  legal services

Business Stores 

The most popular businesses are those that offer products online due to the numerous shopping cart solutions offered by WebHostingHub. Each of the shopping cart packages may include an unlimited number of products that can be sold online. But what makes it practical for business owners is that reporting systems are easy to use as well as install. Some of the reporting systems available are shipping calculators so that the potential customer will be able to determine how much needs to be paid to shipvarious items.

The popularity of the shopping cart is due to the various language packs offered by WebHostingHub. Each of the language packs will be translated to a preferred customer language making sales easier as well faster for both the seller and an internationally based buyer.

Social Media 

Many businesses nowadays reveal that the use of social media networks will enhance popularity to potential customers. Some of these popular social media networks are Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and YouTube.

The most efficient and effective way to be seen by potential customers is perceived to be using search engine optimization techniques. The most prominent position or ranking in the search engine result is always the best recourse for new online businesses. The reason for this is that potential customers all over the world make 14 billion searches every month.

The most practical way to be easily seen by potential customers is to use popular local keyword searches. However, these popular local keyword searches will make it frustrating for both the buyer and the seller when it does not reveal the needed websites. The reason for this is that search results may become less targeted than the potential customer hopes to get. WebHostingHub implemented the latest SEO techniques to that the website owners are easily found by potential customers.

One of the most popular techniques offered by WebHostingHub is Google Places integration. This is because most website owners that choose to use ”black hat” techniques offered by “search engine experts” will be penalized by Google, Yahoo and Bing. These search engine companies will normally banish the website permanently from the top website results. “Black hat” techniques temporarily increase the ranking of the business website to the top of the search engine results.

Black Hat Techniques 

These are considered to be unethical SEO techniques that include:

  •  Keyword stuffing
  •  Invisible text
  •  Doorway pages

The reason why keyword stuffing is considered to be a black hat technique is that the keyword is used too much in the content of a website page. Too many keyword repetitions increase the ranking of the search engine result, which will only be on a temporary basis.

Some unethical website owners change the keyword color to the background color in order to hide the use of multiple keywords. The website owner will bombard the search engine with numerous keywords, which are hidden from website visitors but not from the search engine spiders. Therefore, the end result is that the ranking of the keyword used in the website will temporarily inflate the website to a top ranking.

Doorway pages are classified as invisible website pages but are also seen by the search engine spiders. The reason why this is called a black hat technique is that the entire website page is significantly filled with the keywords resulting in a higher ranking in the search engine results. This worsens the visitor experience since these can be perceived by the potential visitor as nuisance website pages.

These black hat techniques are only temporary in nature since it can increase the website ranking only for a few weeks. The downside of these techniques is that the creditability of the website is perceived as low to search engine companies.

White Hat Techniques 

This is the reason why WebHostingHub only offers white hat or authorized search engine techniques to build the ranking of the business website. This is done by scattering the keywords throughout the document or the website page. If the website page uses 600 words then the keyword can be safely used 6-18 times in the entire document. However, the number of keywords included in the document must not be lower than 1-3% of the entire content since it will be not beneficial to improve the ranking of the website in the search engine results.

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