How Much Do Extra Domains Cost On FatCow?

A domain name is the identifier of that control in the internet. It is formed under the domain name system that means any registered in the domain name system is a domain name. Generally, a domain name represents an IP or also known as Internet Protocol resource used by web hosts in hosting or by personal computer to get an access to the internet. Domain names serve as the identifier of a host in form of a component in Uniform Resource Locators.
In simple scenario, when you visit a web site, you usually type an address in the browser or follow a link then you are directed to the web site you want to visit. That is how domain name works in the internet. It I like your address in the virtual world.

How many Domain names should you have?

For businesses, they find it essential to have multiple domain names in the World Wide Web. Such that when they own two, the other one serve as a redirection. In that case, the owner only maintains one web site for two domain names. That is logical. Just in case, a customer mistyped your address, he can still be redirected to your site. They believe that buying the domain name before others is an edge especially when the domain names is close to their business name or something easy to remember. The belief is bounded on the idea that domain names are scarce. Most business owners believe that the simpler the domain name, the better because the clients can easily memorize them and a plus factor if they are not hyphenated because search engines sometimes cannot find or recommend sites that are hyphenated if the client did not really placed hyphens.
Situations or scenarios such as ones mentioned below could be a good reason why a business should consider owning may domain names:

 For promotions

If the business’ name is something hard to remember or that which is harder to spell, It’s better to own more domain names given that the other domain names will just redirected to the original web site.

 Several Lines of Business

 It is reasonable under this case to give focus to the other area of business that was not emphasized earlier.

 Traffic searching

 Domain names that use symbols such as hyphen are sometimes go unrecognized by some search engines. Find a better name which can redirect your client to your main site.
Owning a domain name in fatcow is easy. It’s easy and cheap at annual of every two years rate.
Reasons why should you own a domain name in fatcow are:

  •  To create a good image
  •  To build the organization’s name and goodwill
  •  To make your visitors feel welcomed when they type in your easy-to-remember web addresses
  • Hosting plan with fatcow gives you free domain name but just in case you prefer to own more than one names out of the reason mentioned above, they offer additional ones, too.

The pricing scheme as presented in their site is as follows:

  •  com at $15.99 per year
  •  net at $9.99 per year
  •  org at $8.99 per year
  •  biz at $15.99 per year
  •  ca at $12.99 per year
  •  name at $13.99 per year
  •  info at $15.99 per year
  • at $25.98 for every 2 years
  • at $25.98 for every 2 years
  •  us at $15.999 per year
  •  be at $12.99 per year
  •  eu at $16.95 per year
  •  mobi at $16.95 per year
  •  cc at $34.95 per year
  •  ch at $34.95 per year
  •  co at 34.95 per year
  •  tv at $34.95 per year
  • at $70.00 for every 2 years

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