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Upon the registration of your domain name, your personal data and contact information are required. This information is stored in Whois database. Anyone who has interest in knowing specific details about a website can access to this database. To safeguard your personal information in Whois, FatCow Host offers the WhoisGuard service in its plan.

What is WHOIS?

Whois is an internet database where you can find information about domain names, including the name servers that are associated with the domain name, the registrant, the domain registrar, and the domain’s administrative and technical contacts. By doing a Whois search, you can see by whom and when was a domain registered, where the website is hosted, their contact data, and the expiration date of a domain name, and other important details.
The Whois is also a tool that is used to search for domain name information contained in Whois databases. It is helpful in checking the availability or ownership of a domain name.

WhoisGuard Services with FatCow

Whois search tools and Whois records are used for the purpose of helping domain purchasers to know if a domain name was acquired by a registrar regularly and that the registration process was completed. But sad to say, these useful tools are widely exploited by lawbreakers and spammers. Lawbreakers can use the personal and contact details they found to do crimes such as swindling and identity theft. Spammers can easily harvest numerous email addresses from these database and send them annoying and at times harmful, email messages. Your domain records and files are just not safe. That is why webmasters are looking for solutions to keep these files and records secured and protected.
Good thing there are web hosting providers and domain registrars whose services include keeping domain records and files private and safe. Domain privacy, along with good security, keeps others especially those who have bad intents, from accessing the data and records of domain registrants even if they are using Whois search tools. It’s great news that FatCow Host includes domain privacy in their list by offering their services with Whois Guard.
With this, FatCow grants their customers or domain registrants peace of mind that they need and desire when it comes to personal privacy. The Whois Guard does its job by masking all the generic information that can be seen in your domain records in the Whois database. So, whenever others want to see your personal details and contact information on Whois record, their requests will be screened or filtered first. After which, it will be forwarded to you as the domain registrant. It will be for you to decide whether to grant them access to see your data or not.
You can buy the add-on service of domain privacy with FatCow Host’s Whois Guard for only $9.99 each year.
This service supports the following domain endings or extensions:

  • com
  • org
  • net
  • biz
  • info
  • cc
  • tv
  • name

Whois Guard grants you protection from receiving spam emails.

Spam is an unsolicited message sent to your email address. This means that you received this email without your permission or consent. You most likely see spams containing ads for specific services or products.
The following are the different kinds of email spam:

  •  Spam that gives you the promise of getting wealthy the quick and easy way
  •  Phishing spam
  •  News group and forum spam
  •  Spam offering software that is more often acquired illicitly
  •  Spam of foreign bank
  • If you sign up for the basic hosting plan of FatCow, you can enjoy the following services:
  •  A great amount of storage space and bandwidth
  •  A free domain for a year
  •  A free site builder
  •  POP email accounts
  •  Free advertising credits from Yahoo!, Google, and Facebook
  •  Shared SSL certificates
  •  Plus a 30-day money-back guarantee

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