Contao and other WebHostingHub’s CMS Options

What CMS options does WebHostingHub offer?

A Content Management System, more popularly known as CMS is a computer program that allows you to publish, edit, modify and manage the content of your website. Basically, this should come as a standard program that should be offered by hosting companies to their clients as this allows clients to manage their websites themselves even with only a little or no background with computer programming languages.

Included in WebHostingHub’s hosting package are a number of CMS options that clients should find helpful in running and managing their websites. The CMS options that the company offers include WordPress, which is originally intended to serve as a blogging platform but has since evolved to become one of the most commonly used CMS options today; b2evolution, which like WordPress also originally started as a multi-user blog engine but has evolved into a CMS option. The b2evolution is written in the PHP language and is backed by a MySQL database is distributed as free software. Other CMS options that WebHostingHub offer are the concrete5 which, aside from being distributed free, is known for being easy to use and which requires less technical skills; the Joomla and the Drupal, both open-source software and both capable of running PHP and of storing data in MySQL database, among others.

Another CMS option that is less common but not less effective that the company offers is the Contao.

What is a Contao CMS?

Formerly known as the TYPOLight, the Contao is an open-source and free CMS option that is highly recommended for medium and large websites. It specializes in both the back-office accessibility, that is generally for developers; and front-office accessibility, which is intended for users while observing HTML5, XHTML and CSS standards. It is better known for its state-of-the-art system structure that allows the development of search engine friendly websites as well as offers high security.

Contao allows the display of a wide variety of elements in a website coming from the five main groups such as the Link Elements, the Text Elements, File Elements, Media Elements and Include Elements.
Its Live Update Service, its ease in the management of user rights, the modern CSS framework and the integrated modules such as forms, news and calendar among others, has made Contao one of the more popular CMS options in the hosting industry.

How can I install Contao in WebHostingHub?

One way of installing Contao in WebHostingHub is to use the Softaculous software that is also included in the hosting package. You may use the Softaculous software through the Cpanel. These are the few simple steps to follow to install Contao:

  •  First, you need to login to the website’s Cpanel.
  •  Once logged-in, you need to locate the Software/Services section and the click the PHP configuration. Its PHP setting should appear as a screenshot and should be set at 5.3. If the version is lesser than 5.3, you need to update the PHP version first before continuing with the installation process. This is vital since errors are known to come up when you try to launch Contao.
  •  Go back to the Cpanel and locate the Softaculous icon and then click it.
  •  Go to the PORTALS/CMS list and once selected, a menu should open up displaying a large selection of CMS options. Locate the Contao CMS then select it by clicking.
  •  When you click on the Contao installation link, you should see a screen describing Contao as well as displaying other vital installation information. You need to click on the Install tab to start the installation process.
  •  After clicking, a configuration page should come up where you need to fill in important configuration details.
  •  After completing the fill-up process in the Software Setup, you need to fill in the e-mail address at the bottom of the screen. This is important since the installation information would be sent to this address for your documentation.
  •  Click the Install button to allow the installation to proceed. A screen should pop-up and inform you once the installation process is completed.

How can I use Contao to create and modify website content?

Contao can easily be used to setup a site as it comes with templates that can quickly be modified to suit your website’s needs. The template comes complete with themes, data and other basic structures that are vital to each website. The following are a few basic steps in creating and modifying content.

  •  First, you need to login to the Contao Back-end interface. On the top box, click on the Front-end preview.
  •  The front-end preview should show you what you are to modify. The page that should come out is the default page of Contao.
  •  Note that each of the section identified in the webpage correspond to the back-end interface. The webpage should include:
  •  Content Module
  •  Articles – This can be clicked to show the actual content of the article. It is also vital to note that when you create an article, you should also be creating an article ID which should contain the settings and identification information of the article.
  •  Right next, you can find the Layout Section where the Site Structure can be found. The Site Structure is where you will be adding pages that should become important parts of the menu that links to other pages on the site.
  •  To modify the theme of page, click on the Themes under the Layout section and choose the theme you need.
  •  Click on the Edit Page Layouts where you will find a list of available page layouts to choose from. You should now be able to change the image of your theme according to the choice you made.
  •  You can also change the name or title of the page using the same process.

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