Common WebHostingHub Complaints

The Tools of Trade: Web hosting services

Web hosting hub provides basic tools that will cater the client’s needs and demands for his web site. It is true that the web host can provide such service at a lower price but the true price is clinging with it. The guarantee of having a hosted site in five minutes may not be taken literally but the time it takes for a site to be built may take more time than the web host promised and this is just for starters.

As the relationship between client and the representative grew deeper, the more complicated the issues have become. Web hosting services failed in its guarantees and promises. With the services that include a free access to several platforms and tools, it should be one of the best web hosting ever exist but it is not. Most of the complaints are focused on its slow growth in technology, a complicated interface, failure to comply with the issues, and stability issues.

Here is the list of the “supposedly” a great deal provided by the web host:

  •  A friendly control panel via cPanel
  •  A guarantee of three months for money back service
  •  Access to controls to monitor the performance and traffic flow of the site
  •  Highly consistent performance and interaction of the staffs to guarantee an efficient work flow
  •  An affordable price to their reasonable set of service

Facing the facts: What is truly happening with the site?

When a client has an existing site that needs to be transferred to the web hosting server it can take a while to fully complete the transfer. The transfer may take twenty-four to thirty hours to complete and it is a troublesome number of hours if the site contents are for larger business deals. The time it takes to transfer the site is already a big loss to the client’s interest. Here is why it is a great loss to the client:

  • The client’s domain will be put on hold due to the transfer of the site to another server
  • Suspending the site for transfer will also result to the suspension of the incoming customers of the client if the site is a business site.
  • Suspension of the site will also suspend the outgoing products and sales of the client resulting to the product backlogs. This will become a negative image for the client and to his business.

The ripple effect of the damage may not be seen because the conflict is between the client leasing the server and the support staff but, at a larger picture, it is an issue which needs to be taken seriously.

Interface and tools problems

Another common problem of the web hosting site is the functionality issues. The site guarantees a user-friendly interface that promised a simple system which even beginners can use easily. There are a lot of complaints that some of the web presentation and graphic designs are not accepted with the existing user interface of the web host. The simplicity of the interface has not reached the level where all existing web design may be compatible to the controls.

It is a given and it is considered that a web hosting package will never fit to all demands and designs but, based on the number of complaints on this particular area, there are more conflicts than expected.

Responsiveness issues

Technical support staffs needs to be pushed for their work to be efficient. Clients who leased the servers have difficult time pushing for a solution for the issues they are facing with the interface due to lack of responsiveness from the staffs. This typical complain circles around until the support acts on the issue. There are several incidents where only basic action is provided to solve a complicated issue such as web transfers and site building process.This resulted to the demands for refunds and still is delayed, mostly in a span of one month delay after the ninety-day money back guarantee.

Money Matters: Untimely refunds

When the issue still exists and troubleshooting takes more time than it should be clients are forced to cancel the services bought from the web host. Upon cancellation, money back guarantee should be processed immediately. This issue is growing in popularity as more clients cancel the services due to the lack of immediate responds from the tech support teams. With more instances similar with this issue, the domino effect creates a troublesome scenario for the clients. This issue can stretch out from a week to several months before they can get their money back, that is, if they still can see their money back.

Protection for the client

A minor group of issue is the security of the web hosting site. Security system, as according to some of the clients, is inefficient. This resulted to the website to be locked out from the leaser for a span of time. There are several attempts to recover from this issue but usually the client experiencing this problem will still experience the same problem over time. The issue then will cycle to the responsiveness issue when the client starts to contact tech support hoping that they can solve the problem.

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