Can I Build a Good Site With WebHostingHub?

WebHostingHub is a good web host provider since it allows the website owner to be as creative as possible in designing their websites. The reason for this is that WebHostingHub uses popular and easily used free website tools and builder applications. Depending on the programming and web skills of the website owner, the website design can be made from scratch or from easy to install software.

Website Builder Softwares  

WebHostingHub offers more than 310 applications, scripts, tools, and builder software that can be used by the website owner to develop their website. These software are easily installed by even a beginner website owner since setting up only requires a single click of the mouse button. New website owners look favourably to using WebHostingHub as their web host provider since the number of website builders used are not restricted. The creativity of the website is therefore considered to be limitless since these software can be used for a single or multiple websites.

Some of the most popular and commonly used open-source content management systems are:

  •  Wordpress
  •  Joomla
  •  Drupal

Why WordPress? 

WordPress is considered to be the easiest and most popular full content management system due to the fact that there are thousands of themes and plugins that can be downloaded for free. The core software of WordPress is considered to be stable and mature since its initial development in 2001. WordPress was designed to enhance the user experience by making website content easily uploaded to the web. This is enhanced with the various WordPress themes and plugins, which are created and developed by community volunteers. The main benefit is that most web host providers offer WordPress as one of theirwebsite builder software.

Since its inception, more than 60 million users and builders have chosen to use WordPress to develop their websites. This is because WordPress is totally customizable to develop any type of website, from personal to commercial use such as a blog page or a Fortune 500 website. However, the latest version of WordPress, which is 3.2 requires the website owner to have some minimum requirements and includes:

  •  A web host
  •  Using a PHP version of 5.2.4 or higher
  •  An SQL version of 5.0 or higher
  •  If the web host supports mod-rewrite Apache module

WordPress developers suggest the use of the website’s account username instead of the default shared username of the web host server. The purpose of this is to make the website more secure with regards to potential online attacks.


Joomla is another content management system which helps website owners to build and develop their websites. The popularity of the software is primarily due to its online application as well as being offered to be used for free.Joomla is used for various online purposes such as the development of:

  •  Corporate websites
  •  Online newspapers, magazines, and publications
  •  e-commerce websites
  •  government applications
  •  business websites
  •  community portals
  •  school and church
  •  non-profit organizations
  •  personal or family webpages

The main benefit of using Joomla is that it is easily used even by a beginner since it does not require the website owner to have previous programming skills or experience. Joomla is easily downloaded and set up based on a single-click install feature offered by numerous web host providers such as WebHostingHub. Joomla is a good choice for website owners since maintaining the website is easier due to the included intuitive menus.

Specialized functionality is one of the most difficult problems of business website owners since business owners may need to pay for additional services or functionality. However, Joomla is a highly flexible software since thousands of extensions are offered for free online. Some website owners may need to develop their own add-ons in case the basic Joomla package is not enough for their purposes.

Joomla’s core framework can be easily modified to be used for:

  •  Communication tools
  •  Data reporting tools
  •  Custom product catalog
  •  Integration of e-commerce systems
  •  Inventory control systems
  •  Software bridges for multiple applications
  •  Complex business directories

However, the website owner may need to check whether their web host provider uses PHP and MySQL applications. This is because the efficiency and effectiveness of Joomla can be enhanced with PHP and MySQL applications.


Drupal is perceived to power millions of websites and applications online. This is because some website owners make use of best practices when developing their websites. One of the most effective practice recommended is to plan the design and functionality of the website. This is because planning prevents the website owner from forgetting a crucial segment of the website such as forgetting to add the contact information or a shipping segment for e-commerce websites.

Another good best practice is to regularly visit and evaluate the website so that the visitor experience will be enhanced with future modifications. It is recommended that the website owner backs up the database and files in the website before any upgrades or modifications are applied to the website. The purpose of this is minimizing the chance of crashing the website or developing crucial errors.

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