Cool and Useful HTML5 Tools for Website-Building

There are a lot of great website builders to choose from, but which is really the best? Well, for starters, you’ll be looking for a website builder that can create your site in the latest version of HTML, which is HTML5. Secondly, you need a tool that will simplify the process of web design and will enable you to create a great website without the need to know a lot of programming or coding knowledge.

In this article, we’ve rounded up a list of 10 great HTML5 website builders that perfectly fit your requirements.





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Sitecube claims to be the world’s best HTML5 website builder, standing out because of its vast array of high-quality responsive website templates that can be used for free. Apart from creating HTML5 websites, this tool can also be used to design Flash websites, mobile websites and Facebook fanpages.


IM Creator

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IM Creator was launched in 2011 and quickly becamse one of the top HTML5 website builders online. It comes with a massive library of amazing website templates in a long list of categories, ranging from sports and health and wellness, to technology and academics. Once you sign up, you can start using the IM Creator immediately – at absolutely no cost! You can start off with a blank page or choose a design from a library of hundreds of fully customizable website templates. As an HTML5 website builder, every website you create with IM Creator should work fine with all major mobile platforms.



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This is one of the trailblazers in creating HTML5-based websites and templates. It’s an entirely online website builder with a lot of cool features for web designers and developers. The designs are simply stunning and the features are mind-blowing. Each template and web design created using Weebly is compatible with mobile devices and works well on all major platforms. With Weebly, you can create websites using either your own domain name or a Weebly sub-domain.



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This online HTML5 website builder will help you create stunningly beautiful websites in just a matter of minutes! It features a wide range of web designs tailored for various occasions and industries. All of the templates are compatible with mobile devices, and contains high-resolution images and graphics to add further color and style to your website. SquareSpace is a paid application, but you can test it by using the free trial with limited options.




Be it a personal website, a corporate website or an eCommerce site to start your business online, this HTML5 website builder will create everything for you at absolutely no cost. Moonfruit creates the highest quality websites with minimum effort on your part. It also offers a detailed design editor that you can use to customize the website templates. All of the templates are responsive in nature, so you don’t need to create separate websites for mobile platforms.




As the name suggests, Strikingly is a great HTML5 website builder that you can use to create strikingly beautiful websites and designs. The templates are not only attention-grabbing, they are also fully responsive and compatible with major mobile platforms. They’re also optimized for search engines, with lightning fast loading times. Strikingly also offers in-depth analytics for every website you build with it.




Breezi is an HTML5 website builder that’s designed to find you the template that fits your needs. You only need to identify your target industries and Breezi will list the templates for you. Each of the templates is fully responsive and fits perfectly on all mobile devices. And just in case you need to make any changes to the pre-designed templates, you can use Breezi’s in-built website editor.




Wix was originally based on Flash but has now switched to HTML5. The unique template designs that come with it are simply unique, making it a great way to build eye-catching websites. Wix is primarily a paid service but it does offer a limited number of features that you can use in its free version.

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