Best Premium Music Players for Android

Whether it’s CD rips, free music or the latest recordings from band practice, almost everyone has audio files that they want to listen to on the go. This used to be the domain of MP3 players, but the ever-increasing storage sizes for smartphones and memory cards means that smartphones are gaining traction as the all-in-one solution for listening to music on the go.

One of the advantages of using smartphones – specifically Android phones – over using MP3 players is the fact that you’re not locked in to a music player’s software features. If you think that the Android 2.3 player is too plain or outdated, and you’re not loving Google Play Music’s focus on live stream music, then you should check out the following Android music players that will let you enjoy your favorite music wherever you go!

Some of these music players are free for a short trial period while others have a free basic app and a premium upgrade.




PlayerPro Music Player

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PlayerPro provides a plethora of features and customization options. It features audio effects like equalizer and reverb, as well as support for Dolby, SRS, and Beats audio enhancement. Also, PlayerPro lets you share text notifications and album artwork on Facebook and Twitter. You can also swipe or even shake your device to change songs. There are more than 20 skins available, and it supports both grid and list views.

PlayerPro is available for $4.95, with a free 10-day trial.


Fusion Music Player

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This free music player is not only devoid of ads, but also doesn’t skimp on features. It has a 12-band equalizer and virtual surround sound. It also has a music discovery feature that works based on albums and artists. Additionally, it supports wave and shake gestures, SHOUTcast Radio, and dynamic playlists. Users can also share what they’re listening to on Facebook and Twitter. Some of the more unique features are the MP3 cutter, support for App2SD, and the ability to listen to online charts of currently popular music, including Bollywood.


Neutron Music Player

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Neutron’s standout feature is its 32/64-bit audio rendering engine, which provides high-quality, HD audio playback. Apart from its high-quality rendering engine, this music player also comes with advanced audio control features like the high-quality 4-band parametric equalizer, normalization, resampling, as well as surround sound, cross-feed, and rumble filter DSPs. It also allows you to tweak left/right balance and pitch. Neutron supports a variety of file formats, including lossless files.

This highly customizable app is available for $4.99, with a free 5-day trial.


Beam Player Pro

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Beam Player Pro takes a different approach compared to other music players on this list. Instead of adding features, this app focuses on providing a clean and minimal, Holo-themed music playing experience. It’s a folder-based music player with full support for tablet-sized screens. Additionally, it comes with support for lossless formats like FLAC and ALAC. It also has a DashClock widget and a selection of home screen and lock screen widgets.

You can get Beam Player Pro for only $1.29.


MixZing Music Player

 MixZing Music Player

MixZing’s main selling point is its user interface and playlist features. The Mood Player creates playlists from your music library based on the moods you select. It can also automatically build playlists according to your feedback about songs. Additionally, it will download album art and will automatically identify untagged music for you. MixZing supports SHOUTcast Radio so you have a wide selection of radio stations to choose from.

MixZing is available for free but in order to remove the ads, you need to pay $4.99 for the upgrader.


Poweramp Music Player

 Poweramp Music Player

Poweramp Music Player is a full-featured, highly customizable music player. In terms of audio tweaking, it has a 10-band graphic equalizer with bass and treble adjustments, stereo expansion, mono mixing, and left/right balance controls. The app also support gapless playback, ReplayGain, and has built-in scrobbling. It comes with 4 different themes and has a large number of UI customization options. Also, it will download any missing album art for you.

Poweramp Music Player costs $3.99, with a free 15-day trial.


n7player Music Player

 n7player Music Player

n7player’s main attraction is its unique and attention-grabbing approach to displaying your music library. Its user interface is based on OpenGL and has a 3D wall of album covers that also supports multi-touch. Apart from its unique user interface, n7player also has a 5-band graphic equalizer, supports gapless playback, and supports environmental effects and bass boost. It has both automatic and manual album art downloading, and lyrics support via embedded lyrics, as well as via the musiXmatch plugin.

You need to install the free version first before purchasing the Unlocker for $3.49. It has a free 14-day trial.


Rocket Music Player

 Rocket Music Player

This app aims to be a complete music player for both advanced and basic use. It has a 5-band equalizer, the ability to fade in and out when playing and stopping, dynamic Live List playlists, as well as a feature that’s similar to “Up Next” in iTunes. Rocket also works with iSyncr, which allows you to sync podcast bookmarks, playlists, and play counts to iTunes. The premium upgrade adds a 10-band equalizer, support for lossless audio formats like FLAC, APE and WavPack, gapless playback, and ReplayGain, among others.

Rocket Music Player is free, but you need to pay $3.99 for the Premium Upgrade so you can enjoy its full features.


Sensor Music Player

 Sensor Music Player

Sensor Music Player has the basic features you’d expect from an Android music player, including a 5-band equalizer, bass boost, and virtualizer. So far, the app’s most interesting feature is its support for gestures to control music playback. It comes with four modes: Wave Over, Pocket, Hammer, and Custom. In Wave Over mode, for example, you can skip tracks simply by waving your hand over your device. The Custom sensor mode allows you to select the sensors you want to enable and the actions associated with these sensors.

Sensor Music Player is available for free; each sensor mode costs $1.

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