For Beginners: 8 Best Web Editors in Windows

Everybody naturally goes though a hard time when they are just beginning with the basic concepts of programming. Why not let us help you out, right?

Enumerated in this article are 8 web editors that run in the Windows environment that will surely put your amateur programming days behind you in a flash. Check them out and study them in order to maximize their respective features.

1. CoffeeCup Free HTML Editor

You would be able to benefit a lot from the free version that this software offers. It’s a good HTML editor considering that it’s free, and it’s got so much potential, too! To get the WYSIWYG support, however, you need to buy the full version. The complete version of this product is where all the real juice is found, so why not give it a try now to quickly learn the basics of programming with this editor?

2. SeaMonkey

This is a package that you will surely like. It’s a Mozilla project that’s got everything you would need in a web page editor — web browser, email and newsgroup client, IRC chat client, and composer. What’s even greater about SeaMonkey is that since the browser is already built-in, testing your codes will be a piece of cake. SeaMonkey is also known as a free WYSIWYG editor that lets you publish your web pages because it has an embedded FTP to publish them with.

3. Evrsoft First Page

This software is a text, but above all, a WYSIWYG editor that will surely help you in your journey as a web designer. It runs on Windows environment. Moreover, it has a lot of features that you would love and find so much use out of — kind of like what you would be expecting from a professional web editing package.

4. EditPad Lite

If you’re looking for a free text editor to use and explore the basics of programming with, you should go with EditPad Lite. It is for non-commercial use. With EditPad Lite, you can manipulate text beautifully and easily, and can even handle writing text in double-byte characters.

5. Dynamic HTML Editor Free

This free version is only for non-profits and personal  use only. Dynamic HTML Editor Free, a few revisions behind from the paid and full version of Dynamic HTML Editor, can also help you in a lot of things involving programming. If you want transfer files and get your web pages to your host, this baby will get the job done. You also get to edit graphics with this software.


6. PageBreeze Professional

With the full version of PageBreeze Professional, you get extra features that weren’t included in the PageBreeze Free HTML editor. How can you get hold of it? There are two ways. First, there’s the old fashioned purchasing it directly. Second, you can get it for fee when you buy FormBreeze form processing which you can use on your web pages. If you have multiple web forms to maintain, here’s a good catch that could totally help you out.

7. Jalbum

One things you should know about Jalbum: it’s not meant to be a full-featured HTML editor. What does it do, then? Simple: a creator for an online photo album. You can create photo albums and have the opportunity to host them on the Jalbum site. If you’re a beginner and just want to share your photos with your family and friends, this is the perfect software for you.

8. Microsoft Visual Studio Express

With Microsoft Visual Studio Express, you can now create a simple web page in a breeze and without the usual difficulty. How is this possible? This software has got built-in templates and wizards that make creating a website a piece of cake. You can even add links to your sites. And this is just the web portion of Microsoft Visual Studio.

We hope that we helped in one way or another in your endeavors towards becoming a great web designer. Remember that there are no shortcuts to success, so if you want assurance that you’re starting off your career in the right way, this is a perfect starting point.


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