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Planning to build a new website for your portfolio or online shop? Giving your existing site a complete overhaul? More and more people are turning to the Web for various purposes, like looking up information, connecting with people, and even for shopping! The number of mobile shoppers also continue to skyrocket and is expected to account for the majority of online shoppers in the near future. This led developers to create more responsive eCommerce themes to cater to the demands of consumers. The best ones are not only designed for eCommerce sites, they’re multi-purpose themes that can be customized to fit any type of website. And when they hit the market, many of them quickly became top-sellers.

There are two main characteristics of a good premium WordPress theme. One, it comes with the tools and options a developer needs to build sites that are not only compativle with the PC and Mac, but are also optimized for mobile devices. Secondly, a good theme has clean, quality code that’s optimized for speed and search engines. One such WordPress theme that ticks all the right boxes is Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme. Let’s take a closer look at this amazing WordPress theme and how it’s taken the theme marketplace by storm.


The Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme was created by elite theme developer, Swift Ideas, which is known for producing highly popular WordPress themes. Atelier is their latest release and has become increasingly popular ever since it was launched in the themes market. The theme gets updated regularly and has recently been updated to version 1.5, adding exciting new features into its package.


The theme comes with a lot of high-quality demos, including a wide array of different shop layouts that are powered by WooCommerce, a popular eCommerce toolkit that’s especially built for WordPress. This makes Atelier an ideal choice for creating any type of website, especially an eCommerce site. Now, let’s take a closer look at its design and key features, and find out how easy it is to use.


As a creative multi-purpose WordPress theme, Atelier can easily be customized for a wide range of web projects, from a simple personal blog to a full-blown corporate website. At the time of this review, the theme already has 12 beautiful demos that’ll show you just how amazing it is. These demo layouts and customizations can easily be copied and imported to your WordPress site using the impressive Demo Content Importer tool. This allows you to easily and quickly build and customize your own site in a unique and professional way. From there, you can simply add your own content to populate your site. If not, you can just use the demo version as the foundation for building your very own website layout.


As you can see from the demos, you’ll find various pre-designed layouts that you can use to build different types of websites, including one for food, clothing, furniture, cosmetics, books, and more. Each of these demos comes with its own custom layout and style. There’s one for an agency-type website, one for a landing page or single-page website, and another one with a magazine layout. This goes to show that the Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme is truly a flexible and well thought-out premium theme that’s built and designed to suit any kind of website, no matter how big or small.

One notable feature that’s been added to version 1.5 of the theme is the product preview slider option, allowing you to manage an online store that contains lots of products in multiple variations. This particular feature allows customers and site visitors to view the different variations of a product they’re interested in, directly from the site’s main product listings page.


Besides the product preview slider, Atelier also lets you choose from 10 different header options that you can set either as full-width or site width. You can even set them to have transparent backgrounds! Besides these, you’ll also have a top bar, sticky resizing, sticky show/hid, and sticky option. You can customize your own header too with the help of the left/right drag-and-drop configurator! Below are some examples of the header types that you can use:


And if that’s not enough, Atelier also comes with 2 cool page header animations: Falling Circles and Geometric, with the latter being interactive. This makes it a lot easier for you to create attention-grabbing web pages.

This theme also comes packed with over 500 beautiful Font Awesome icons, 190+ IconMind icons, and 40 of Swift Ideas’ very own icons which are made especially for Atelier. On top of these, users will also have full access to theme and element color properties that can easily be customized using the built-in Color Customizer. Now, you can easily make your site look the way you want it to and will surely stand out from the crowd!


Key Features

Atelier comes packed with incredible, cutting-edge features that will surely help you create not just a beautiful website, but a powerful and fully functional one too! The following are the key features you can look forward to once you purchase the Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme:

  • Free support and updates from Swift Ideas
  • Fully responsive and retina-ready design
  • Includes 2 premium sliders: Revolution Slider and the new and improved Swift Slider
  • 100% translatable using the WPML plugin
  • Extensive and flexible theme options, with powerful settings and page meta
  • Built with clean and semantic HTML5 code that’s carefully tested to make the theme extremely SEO-friendly
  • Social media integration (Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, etc.)
  • Custom font integration
  • 600+ FREE Google Web Fonts that can easily be previewed and adjusted
  • Complete control over your chosen font’s size, weight, line-height, letter-spacing, and color
  • RTL (right-to-left) support
  • 2 different types of single-page navigation: Standard with Text Tooltips and Counter+ arrows
  • Comes with 41 CSS3 animations that can be applied to text blocks, images, and icon boxes
  • 5 different portfolio options: Standard, Gallery, Masonry, Masonry Gallery, and Multi-Size Masonry
  • 5 blog style variations: Standard (with alternative styling), Mini, Masonry, and Text-Only – each with the option to add sidebars
  • 3 different customizable promo bar styles
  • Customizable Newsletter/Subscribe bar
  • iLightbox for creating attractive responsive overlay windows using jQuery JavaScript library
  • Sleek and flexible mega menu
  • Tutorials videos and short codes includes
  • Tailored mobile experience for customers to experience the same amazing functionality no matter what device they’re using
  • Powerful and user-friendly Page Builder with 54 elements, 14 predesigned layouts, and the ability to save your favorite elements and pages
  • Product display up to 6 columns (Standard, Multi-Size Masonry, Gallery, Gallery Bordered)
  • Complete control over your products
  • Child theme ready and compatible
  • WooCommerce support to make your eCommerce site even more powerful


As you can see, the Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme is loaded with awesome tools and features you won’t normally see in other themes. Besides these, the folks at Swift Ideas have spent years carefully crafting a framework especially for this theme, and it shows with the amazing performance that you can see in sites built with it. Users are set to experience unprecedented speed and functionality that only Atelier can provide.

Pros and Cons

The debate surrounding free versus premium WordPress themes has been held pretty much since the inception of WordPress itself. There are lots of amazing free WordPress themes out there, but the number of premium WordPress themes is slowly catching up. Clearly, some people prefer the free ones while others go for the paid themes. Whether or not it’s worth spending cash on a premium theme depends on the pros and cons that come with it, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do with Atelier. Following are the advantages and disadvantages of using a premium theme like Atelier:

  • It comes with extensive support from the theme developers, which is a huge bonus for theme users of all skill levels
  • Atelier is much higher in quality compared to its free counterparts, mainly because it generates funds from users
  • Comes packed with advanced features, tools, and options that are normally not included in free themes
  • All website design aspects – from page layout styles to backend admin pages – are a lot better than the free themes
  • Security is a top priority for premium theme creators, and they have the cash to spend on meeting the highest security standards of their clients
  • Premium themes are more responsive to WordPress core changes and have tighter update cycles, so your website can avoid bugs and security issues
  • You have to spend a certain amount of cash for a premium theme, and you might even pay for licensing fees in the years to come
  • Some premium themes are potential for “theme bloat”, which is natural among themes with lots of features and functionalities. This doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get a slower website, but it could be a contributing factor.
  • The theme developer could suddenly discontinue supporting the theme and stop updating it altogether, which could have you working a lot with transitioning to a different theme (not to mention you’re also out of your money!).

As you can see, the pros have definitely outweighed the cons so it’s pretty clear why more and more people are going for paid themes instead of risking it on free ones. But don’t forget to check the theme guidelines and the theme developer’s reputation in the market! After all, premium developers and shops are always singing their praises that you might not actually consider the potential downsides of the product they’re offering. So do your homework first before purchasing a theme!

Final Verdict

The Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme is a shining example of the latest trend in premium eCommerce WordPress themes. It’s not only highly customizable, it’s versatile, easy to use, and very affordable, too. It’s a well thought-out and carefully crafted theme that’s created to near perfection. I know perfection seems to be overrated but the 25,000+ customers who are very pleased with this theme can attest to this. It’s pretty clear that Swift Ideas have created a masterpiece and are able to provide what beginner and advanced web developers alike are expecting from a premium WordPress theme. There may be thousands of themes out there but Atelier is on top of the game and there’s no stopping to its continued rise in popularity. It really is a stunning example of premium WordPress theme that not only works perfectly for eCommerce sites, but for any other type of website as well. So if I were you, I’d definitely consider purchasing the Atelier Creative Multi-Purpose eCommerce Theme today!

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