What does WebHostingHub’s 72% promotional offer mean?

Currently, WebHostingHub does not offer any coupon code to its clients. However, what they do offer is their flagship 72% Promotional offer. This promotional offer entitles its beneficiaries a 72% savings on their total bill with their WebHostingHub accounts. Usually, the company offers a generous 28% discount to their clients which mean that clients pay the monthly bill of $4.99 a month. However, WebHostingHub’s latest promotional offer means that clients only get to pay a bill of $1.95 a month.

This is a very big savings when compared to their previous offer. With the 72% promotional offer, clients can get to save as much as $114 a year. However, this promotional offer is valid for the 2 years and 3 years hosting packages only and excludes the 1 year hosting package.

How can a client enjoy the 72% Promotional Offer?

To be able to enjoy the most generous offer that the company has ever made to date, all the client needs to do is to sign up using the promotional link. By promotional link, I mean, all the client has to do is to click the promotional link that can be found on most hosting review sites or on the site itself. If you register through a link provided by independent review sites, you will be redirected to the homepage of the WebHostingHub site itself. Once there, you will find an orange “Signup now “ tab which when clicked will take you to their Secure Order Process page that shall in effect start your registration process. On the other hand, if you happen to be on the homepage of the WebHostingHub website already, you should find on the right side of the page an orange tab advertising the promotional offer. Just beneath the offer is another tab with a label “See How” which when click shall take you to another page displaying the promotional package. On the promotional page is another orange tab that says “Sign Up Now” that shall redirect you to their Secure Order Process page.

It should be worthy of note, however, that not all clients get to enjoy the promotional offer because only those clients that wishe to register for a 2-year or a 3-year package are eligible to enjoy the website’s generous offer. One-year subscription plans are exempted from this promotion.

How does the WebHostingHub promotional offer work?

It is not difficult to understand how the promotional offer works since the WebHostingHub company offers only one hosting solution. Originally, the company offers their subscription package at a rate of $6.99 per month. However, as the choice package duration lengthens, the amount of the subscription package reduces proportionately. This was when before the 72% promotional offer was offered to their clients. With the promotion, clients for the 24 months and 26 months subscription only need to pay a monthly amount of $3.99 per month with the cost of the first three months drastically reduced to $2.75 per month which gets you to save $78.12 and $114.12 for the 24- and 36-months subscription, respectively.
To better understand the offer, this bulleted presentation should help you.

  •  12 months
  •  Unit Price: $3.99 per month
  •  First three months : $3.99 per month
  •  One-time Payment: $47.88
  •  You Get to Save : $36
  •  24 months
  •  Unit Price: $3.99 per month
  •  First three months : $1.95 per month
  •  One-time Payment: $89.64
  •  You Get to Save : $78.12
  •  36 months
  •  First three months : $1.95 per month
  •  One-time Payment: $137.52
  •  You Get to Save : $114.12

This goes to show that, although all packages get to reduce their monthly subscription fee from $6.99 to $3.99, only the 24 and 36-months packages get to enjoy a reduced rate of $2.75 per month for the first three months. However, after the first three months, all clients need to pay the same amount of $3.99 per month for the rest of the subscription period.

What do you get with WebHostingHub’s promotional offer?

Along with the plan, whichever you choose, you get to have the standard hosting features that WebHostingHub offers. This package includes:

  •  Unlimited number of websites;
  •  Unlimited disk space;
  •  Unlimited bandwidth;
  •  Unlimited Email addresses;
  •  Unlimited FTP accounts;
  • Unlimited subdomains;
  • Unlimited parked domains;
  •  Unlimited MySQL databases;
  •  Free domain registration or transfer;
  •  A 24/7 US-based technical support;
  • An easy-to-use control panel;
  •  Softaculous 1-click software installs;
  •  a free backup wizard;
  •  A flexible and secure POP3/IMAP Email features which includes
  •  SPAM Safe protection;
  •  McAfee Email protection;
  •  three webmail client;
  • auto-responders;
  •  Email forwarding;
  •  Plus a mobile-compatible Email Anywhere
  •  Shopping carts like Zen Cart, CubeCart, and osCommerce;
  •  Blogs and content management systems which includes
  •  WordPress;
  •  b2evolution;
  •  Joomla;
  •  Drupal; and
  •  Moodle
  •  Forums such as:
  •  phpBB; and
  •  Simple Machines Forum
  •  Photo galleries like:
  •  Gallery;
  •  CopperMine; and
  •  4image
  •  It also provides support for
  •  PHP 5;
  •  MySQL 5
  • htaccess overrides;
  •  Perl 5;
  •  GnuPG encryption;
  •  phpMyAdmin;
  •  CGI support;
  •  server side includes (SSI); and
  •  custom Cron jobs
  •  A 90 days full money back guarantee
  •  $100 for Google AdWords Express
  •  $75 for Yahoo and Bing
  •  $25 for Twitter Ad Credit
  •  Free Premium site builder
  •   Free shared SSL

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