15 Free Icons Set

Any web-related projects requires Icons, but generating your very own custom icons for each and every projects is seldom practical as we can’t deny the fact that it really consumes time.

Free flat icons

An EccentricIcons set of flat designed icons that comprises icons foremails, calendars, maps,clocks, and a lot more.

99+ free vector icons

If you are building your very own website from scratch, and you want to keep it pleasant and modest, this free Icons set is for you. This great collection contains 99 icons that are stunningly hand crafted forprint, mobile, and web-projects. However, these icons are only free for personal use.

Simple and practical web icon vector graphic

A diversity of exceptionally useful icons that can be used equally for commercial and personal web-projects.

80 mini icons

These neat and sophisticated icons are perfect for any kind of web-project.It containsseamless mini icons that are available in both PSD and Icon Font format with 80 pixel.

Supernova icons

Delightful free Icons set for iPhone and Android. It comprises 19 varied icons of 84x84px size.

350 pixel perfect icons

Asplendidfree Icons set of 350 pixel perfect icons that are seamless for both websites and apps. You can scale it to your preferred sizes and can be used for both personal and commercial use.

Modern UI Icons

If you’re looking for a contemporary UI style icons,then this excellent free Icons set is for you and for your Windows, IOS or Android apps. If you the download the Icons set, you’ll acquire over 1000 handcrafted flat icons in addition to the app bar icons for Windows phone.

Metro UI Icon Set

You certainly need to check this icons set that are free if you’re a huge fan of the Windows 8. This awesome pack comprises over 700 well designed and neat icons that can be used for any kind of projects, may it be for commercial or just personal use, and it’s for free.

Free PNG Credit Card, Debit Card and Payment Icons Set

If you’re administering an e-shop and you are in need of some attractive payment icons to display the kind of payment your shop takes, this icons set is ideal for you. It comprises 18 payment icons in PNG format, in the resolutions 32 to 128px. It can also be used for free either for commercial or personal web-projects.

195 flat flag PSD icons

If you have plans to generate an international website, for example a travel blog or an e-shop, thenthis is an excellent icon set for you. This Icons setcontains 195 free icons with rounded corners. You can use this Icons set for free both for commercial and personal web-projects.

Mono icons

An excellent Icons set ofmodest yet good-looking icons that are seamless for a minimal design. Iconic is an open source icon set that you can download inSWC, PNG,SVG, along with other formats, thereforeenabling you to customize them to fit your preferences.

Metrize icons

This is an amazing Pika-style vector icons that was released at the Dutch IconbyDutch designers. This awesome Icons set contains 42 chunky pixel-perfect icons that can be used for both commercial and personal use for free.

Tab Bar Icons iOS 7

Inspired by the sophisticated iOS 7. This is a free tab bar icon set that can be used in your apps. Download and modify them inESP, AI, and PSD formats.

Chunky Pika Icon Set

An eccentric resource for both developers and designers. This Icons set is a collection of 300 metro-style icons that can be used for your web-projects or apps for free. All can be used for free both for commercial and personal use.The download not only includes theESP, PSD, AI, and SVG but also the web font.


Anattractive and essential Icons set which contains 108 exclusive icon designs that are available as a PNG format at 32x32px that can be customized to fit your preference.

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