10 Useful Design Tools for Creating WordPress Mobile Websites

In order to reach out to the new generation, you need to make sure that your website is conveniently accessible through various popular browsers and mobile devices. If you’re planning to create a mobile version of your site, but cannot afford the fancy ways, you can simply create a website on WordPress.

The best thing about creating a website on WordPress is that it won’t cost you anything. Additionally, a WordPress-powered website is compatible with almost all major browsers. You can create a WordPress website on your own hosting as well, if that’s what you prefer. Your website’s design remains of the desktop version which creates a lot of difficulties for mobile users.

In this article, we’re going to show you some great design tools and software that can be used for creating a mobile version of your WordPress website or blog.




WordPress Mobile Pack

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If you want a mobile-friendly website, then you’ve come to the right place. The WordPress Mobile Pack is a complete toolkit offering you a wide array of themes, widgets, switchers, and more.



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GoMo has already gained a lot of popularity ever since it was launched, mainly because it’s a Google product. This tool helps you with your website’s analysis and it allows you to see how your current site looks like in a mobile device. You can choose to create your own website or you can find resources via GoMo that can help you in building your website.



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WOW! mySITE is a plugin that’s typically used by experts to make changes into mobile websites. It has 9 different color schemes, powerful thematic configuration capabilities, and numerous choices of templates. It’s a great tool for developing a mobile website and also for editing one.



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This is an easy way to build a mobile website. It’s a widely popular mobile content management and social networking software company. Through Winksite, you can easily connect with people from around the world.


WPtouch Pro

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What’s so great about this plugin is that it allows you to add various interesting themes for mobile and tablet users. It also allows you to create your own theme in just a few simple steps. You can also use it on a trial basis and if you like it, only then can you upgrade it. WPtouch Pro will not enforce you to upgrade.




Breathe has a wide variety of options available for you if you plan to design or redesign your blog. It has over 10 shortcodes and more than 10 social icons for you to select from. Apart from having 6 different transition animations, it’s compatible with almost all major browsers.




With dudamobile, you have the option to select from various templates available on their website. Apart from the templates, dudamobile also has a design studio where you can create your own customized mobile version.


WP Mobile Detector

WP Mobile Detector

WP Mobile Detector is one of the most convenient options that will automatically detect whether or not the WordPress themes are compatible with popular mobile devices. Once detected, the themes will be displayed for you to choose.




This is a great testing tool that will help you evaluate your website. It evaluates your site’s mobile-readiness and then issues a report related to it. The report is basically a comprehensive analysis of your website and how good it works on a mobile device.


WordPress Mobile Redirect/Direct Plugin


This plugin supports almost 25 different platforms and redirects the users from desktop websites to mobile websites, based on the device being used. You can customize the redirect URL or device with this plugin. The available counter will help you calculate the correct number of redirected users. If you want, redirecting can also be disabled and users can view the desktop version of your website from mobile.

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