10 Great Responsive WordPress Themes

2013 will be the year that responsive designs will be so in that the non-responsive ones will wish to be upgraded. But first of all, what do we mean when we say that a theme possesses the responsive ability? Well, it just means that the theme adapts to the screen size of whatever device the person is viewing a website in so that no matter what the device or content is, the website will look just as great and its beauty will remain untarnished.

In this article we will explore the wonders that being responsive can bring to different functionalities of WordPress themes. Here are 10 responsive WordPress themes that all share this same ability but have different features and functions. Can you spot the reasons why these themes, if they wouldn’t suck, then wouldn’t be just as great without the responsive ability?


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On top of being responsive and possessing a great layout perfect for the graphic designers or photographers looking for an outlet to showcase their works in, Gridly is actually free of charge! Although this baby is only responsive for iPhone, it sure makes up for the rest of the features it has to offer like the Simple Options Panel, 2 colour schemes to choose from, a widgetized footer, jQuery Masonry and so many more. It’s the perfect way to get started on a website without having to worry about your money’s worth.


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Videographers who love grunge or vintage style will love this theme brought to you by Obox: Gigawatt. This theme will let you create a unique and tailored video content plus offers more features! You can now brag to your friends about your videos without having to compromise their quality because Gigawatt is perfect for HD videos. Also with the new visual customizer, you can now fully boss around your website as to whatever you want it to look like — take advantage of the control and so much more features this theme has to offer.

DW Focus

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DW Focus is the theme for those who are on the verge of creating websites for online news or magazines. Featuring not only a responsive but also a neat layout, it comes loaded with many features and is also fully functional. Now your viewers can have a wonderful reading experience online because you have provided them with a wonderful website, courtesy of DW Focus.



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Harmony is the perfect WordPress theme for bands or musicians. Besides being responsive, this theme is also versatile and contains all the features that a band would need. Some of these include being able to play songs, upload photo galleries, sell merchandise and handle upcoming events! Its bold style and beautiful background images would create quite an impact on the viewers. What band wouldn’t need an online version for their fans to reach, right?

Full Frame

full frame

Full Frame is the perfect WordPress theme for those who like flaunting their work in big dimensions — may they be images, galleries or videos. Tell stories through the materials you post and you might just inspire people out there to do the same things you do. The best part about this is that you have so many customization options to choose from, your website will look almost exactly like what you picture it would look like.




Are you an online publisher who makes use of different media and would love for an online outlet of your work? Well this WordPress theme is perfect for you! Viewport supports images, galleries, audio and video. Add that to the fact that Viewport also possesses the responsive ability and you have an ideal WordPress theme that would help you get started on making your very own website.

One Pager

one page

Whatever you need for your business or plain blog, One Pager will provide you with it! With the single scroll-able page, you can showcase to your viewers your website in an elegant and timeless way. Customization options include what modules to display and the order that they will appear in, to name one. Don’t worry though; with its fully customizable homepage, you will go a long way in designing what you want your website to look like.

Pixel Press

pixel press

Pixel Press is your sleek business/portfolio WordPress theme possessing the qualities of your usual business theme. What makes Pixel Press stand out, though, is its style that gives so much attention to detail. No person in his right mind would not want this theme as the foundation to his business websites.



Create a website that screams both fun and professional to all your viewers with Fusion. This theme is perfect for design firms, tech companies or startups. Its sleek and flashy design will attract viewers everywhere, plus it’s got loads of features to boast about! We have the responsive design, custom background images, to name a few of its awesome features.



Give your work a big space where it can show off its beauty in with Hardy, a fully responsive WordPress portfolio theme with a minimalistic touch. It is WordPress 3.5+ comptible and jampacked with loads of other features such as the localization support, video support, flexible theme options, and so much more.

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